Bach Flowers: [Examples, Care, Characteristics and Meaning]

The Bach flowers constitute one of the most useful groups that are obtained within the natural field.

Its usefulness is very different between one flower and another so that each person can get answers to their particular problem.

In total there are 38 flowers and today we will see what the name of each of them is and how they can help us. Will you join us to discover them?

Bach flowers

The consumption of Bach flowers can be done individually or together, depending on the situation of each person.

In general, their usefulness lies in the area of ​​emotional problems and they are used as part of alternative therapies. Bach flowers are:


It helps to solve the negative thoughts of people who are apparently very happy.


It is useful for working with anxiety problems whose origin is not determined.


It facilitates the work of tolerance towards other people and the world in general.


They are flowers whose effect helps people who do favors all day, even if they don’t want it because they are unable to refuse.


It is a key treatment for those individuals who need a lot of social approval.


Ideal for those who are not very clear about the methods of character control and sometimes fall into hysteria.

Chestnut Bud

It is prescribed for people who have difficulty obtaining personal lessons from mistakes.


It is a flower that is useful for those who feel obsessive and selfish love.


It is used in individuals who tend to plan and dream about their future, without paying attention to what they are currently experiencing.


It is an ideal flower for those who are not comfortable with the way they are on the outside and want to «clean up» their appearance.

The M

It is a flower that helps to work relaxation in people who have a large number of responsibilities.


Useful to work the decays that occur after generating an unplanned event and that turns out to be negative.


It is a flower implemented for those who have a negative sense of life and of themselves.


It is used on those whose center of life is their own being.


It is ideal for working with negative emotional problems such as hate and envy.


Work on people who have a strong presence of their past in life and, based on it, measure the entire present.


It is a flower that helps correct the tiredness that a person may feel at the idea of ​​executing a certain task, without carrying it out yet.


It is ideal to work impatience.


It is a flower that helps to regain confidence in oneself and in what is done on a daily basis.


It deals with fears that develop based on things that are known.


For those who feel very sad for no apparent reason.


It is a flower that helps people who work excessively and who, it seems, never get exhausted.


It is ideal for working with the deep fatigue that occurs when performing any activity, whether physical or intellectual.


Ideal for working on feelings of guilt.

red chestnut

It is used in those people who feel extreme concern for the people they love the most.


It serves to treat fear at very high levels.

rock water

It is an ideal Bach flower to correct problems of character rigidity and self-repression.


It is used with people who do not have the capacity to decide between two options.

Star of Bethlehem

To help around concussions.

Sweet Chestnut

Helps work thoughts when you feel hopeless.


It is a flower that corrects excessive enthusiasm.


It helps mold the character of people who are usually very inflexible and domineering.


It is a flower that contributes to emotional stability in the presence of bad influences.

water violet

It makes it easier to mold the character of very reserved people.

White Chestnut

It helps control thoughts, especially when they revolve around unwanted topics.

Wild Oats

It facilitates clarity around the direction of personal life.


Helps regain strength in the presence of apathy.


Corrects self-pitying feelings and those that revolve around resentment.

Bach flower care

The care of Bach flowers must be planned and executed in direct relation to the type of species in question.

As in any other group of plants and flowers, each one will have its particular planting and cultivation conditions that will help them to develop well.

The choice of land, sun exposure and irrigation are aspects that must be taken into account with respect to this flower.

Characteristics of this type of flowers

Bach flowers can be consumed at a concentrated level, diluted in water or in bath water as a complementary treatment.

One of the main reasons that have contributed to their use at a social level is that they do not generate secondary effects. In fact, they can be used by anyone, at any age and regardless of whether they are pregnant.

Also, it is important to note that they can be used even when under medical treatment, since they do not interfere with any chemical component.

Another important point is that they are intended to address emotional problems that often lead to physical problems. And since they are not addictive, they can be used until a clear improvement in mood is noted.

Meaning of Bach flowers

Bach flowers symbolize a useful tool to correct emotional deficiencies. It is for this reason that many people associate them with peace, tranquility and calm.

Had you known about them and all the benefits they are capable of associating with emotional health?

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