Basil Cuttings: [Concept, Season, Rooting and Planting]

What does it mean to plant by cuttings?

Planting through cuttings is the technique known as the use of a piece, fragment or part of a plant to achieve the reproduction of the plant.

There are no precise, universal and static guidelines for planting or multiplying by cuttings.

The technique of propagation by cuttings seems to be a very simple method, but it involves the interrelation of complex genetic, physiological, environmental and temporal factors.

The method of propagation through cuttings is widely used and recommended by some horticulturists so that, under optimal environmental conditions, it generates a new plant.Planting by cuttings is the favorite method of horticulturists and amateurs because it is a simple and easy method to carry out.

The cuttings can be fragments of the herbaceous type, obtained from perennial plants; softwood of woody plants, semi-hardwood, hardwood; foliar cuttings that come from the leaves and root cuttings.

What is the best time to plant basil cuttings?

Basil, as it is an evergreen, aromatic and edible plant, requires environmental conditions that favor its reproduction and the best time for it is in spring-summer.

Modern horticultural techniques and current scientific advances allow basil cuttings to be planted at any time of the year, following favorable environmental conditions.

How to get basil cuttings to root properly?

Once the basil cutting has been selected, it will be placed in a glass container, according to the size of the cutting, and a natural rooting solution with water will be placed on it.

So that the basil cutting can take root, it only requires water, but if you want to speed up the procedure, you can place a rooting agent, and if it is of the natural type, much better.

The rooting agent can be manufactured directly by users and there are several types, including lentils, which are perfectly suited to basil.

The treatment with rooting agents to place it on the basil cutting is highly recommended by horticulturists to give and maintain the nutrients of the plant, before proceeding with its sowing.

How should we take the basil cuttings to plant them?

It is recommended to select one or more branches of a mother basil plant that has good phytosanitary status and is robust.

The cutting, which can be about 10 to 12 cm, can be taken from the branch, armpit or sucker that comes out of the main stem of the basil.

Then you should remove the branches from the lower part of the stem about 10 or 12 cm and leave the upper ones only to treat the cutting and plant it without problems.

It is necessary to use either clean and disinfected hands or tools so as not to cause damage to the plant or the cutting.

How long should we leave basil cuttings in water?

In order for the basil cutting to begin its rooting process, it must be placed in water, trying to make the leaves rest on the top of the container’s mouth.

Making sure that at all times the majority of the stem is under the liquid. If the weather causes severe evaporation, it can be sprayed from time to time.

It is necessary to place the container in a bright space, but without direct sunlight, and be very careful to change the water every two or three days to avoid the growth of microorganisms that are harmful to the plant.

The time the basil should be left in the water will be approximately one to two weeks when the first roots will begin to emerge.It will depend on the size and number of roots that emerge to remove them from the water and plant them in pots or directly in the ground.

Is it convenient to use fertilizer or compost?

It is convenient, very necessary and effective to use a good fertilizer or compost for planting basil cuttings, which can guarantee the success of its germination.

Horticulturists recommend using a special substrate prepared with sand and earthworm humus that will favor the development of the basil plant.

The soil or substrate for planting basil must be very loose and moist.The pot that will be used for planting basil should be a medium one so that the plant can develop well and reach its original size.

How long does it usually take for a basil cutting to come out?

The basil plant takes a few weeks to grow and reproduce, so it is necessary to keep it protected from direct sunlight and wait patiently.

When the basil cutting is rooted, its cultivation should be carried out in the pot or the definitive soil.

The substrate must be ready and each cutting should be planted at a depth that covers all the roots and is imprisoned with the hands without pushing down so as not to damage the roots.

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