Bosch ARM 32 Reviews

Main advantage:

The main advantage is that it has an ergonomic design with a height-adjustable and even foldable handle so that it can be moved comfortably from the garage to the garden.

Main disadvantage:

The instruction manual for this lawnmower is one of its weak points, since it offers little information about its use to guide inexperienced users, who may need to look for tutorials or information on the official page.

Verdict: 9.8/10

The ARM 32 lawnmower is an attractive alternative with useful functions for home garden care, so we advise you to evaluate its most important advantages with interest.

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Main Features Explained

mower design

Lawnmowers are a tool designed to help you with the care of your garden. Basically they are in charge of cutting the grass when you consider that it is too high, preventing you from having to use manual tools such as mowers, for example.

The opinions of some buyers agree that, if you want to buy a good lawnmower model, one of the most important aspects that must be considered, in addition to its price, is the design of the equipment itself.

In these cases, Bosch is a recognized brand that usually offers models with designs to satisfy different requirements and if you are looking for the best lawn mower, you should consider the ARM 32 model.

This lawnmower weighs 6.8 kilograms and is equipped with four grooved design wheels so you can comfortably push it across the ground without applying too much effort. In addition, this is reinforced thanks to its ergonomic and height-adjustable handle, so that you can accommodate it at the level you want and make it more comfortable to use.

On the other hand, the casing of the lawnmower is robust and has several ventilation sectors that will be in charge of maintaining air circulation inside the motor to prevent it from overheating during the use of the equipment. Visually, the tool has good finishes along with a modern and safe design that will allow you to use it in your garden whenever you need it with total safety and comfort.

× >power and capacity

The next aspect that it is advisable to analyze before choosing a lawnmower is its power, especially if it is planned to be used specifically for other uses in addition to the domestic standard. In order to properly evaluate this feature, you must also take into account the capacity of the mower, so that you can verify that it is sufficient to work in the space you want to clean.

In this case, the ARM 32 lawnmower offers you a maximum power of 1,200W provided by a Powerdrive motor with which you can easily lower the height of your lawn with just a few passes of the equipment. This, in addition, will save you time so that you can use it in other activities of your choice.

Regarding the capacity offered by the Bosch lawnmower, we are facing a model that has an integrated 31-liter capacity tank so that you can clean large areas without having to worry about continually emptying it. Thanks to this, you could even be able to trim the grass in your entire garden without having to empty the container, saving you both time and effort.

Therefore, it can be determined that this particular equipment has enough capacity for home use, so you could consider it among your purchase options for the home.

cutting system

As expected, the cutting system could not be missing among the most important features to study when looking to acquire a good quality lawnmower. Due to the type of work that these tools perform, it is advisable to consider models that offer high hardness and resistance systems, which will prevent you from having to buy replacements too soon.

But, probably, you may not have to worry about it if you decide to purchase the option offered by Bosch. This lawnmower has a blade system made of stainless steel, which will be able to keep the edge longer compared to other models available on the market.

Also, being made of stainless steel, the blades will not present oxidation due to humidity, which, in addition to allowing you to use the lawnmower after it rains if you need it, will also allow you to clean the equipment more comfortably in order to extend its useful life and always have it. ready to use.

On the other hand, it is noteworthy to mention that the lawnmower has a height adjustment system for its blades, through which you can select between three levels depending on how short you want your garden grass to be: 20 millimeters, 40 millimeters or 60 millimeters. In addition to this, you should know that the equipment has built-in grass combs with which it will be easier for you to work around walls, walls and edges.

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