Bougainvillea Irrigation: [Needs, Frequency and Procedure]

Bougainvilleas are among the most spectacular flowering climbing plants that exist and that adorn any space without much effort.

Watering bougainvilleas is a matter of care if you want to always have it healthy, because although it is not a complicated task, it has its technique.

The most important thing is to establish it in a substrate that has good drainage to avoid that water is stored at the base and rotting is possible.

So how are bougainvilleas watered? What is the recommended frequency? What happens if they are not watered or it is done in excess? We will answer all that in the following lines.

Important points when watering bougainvilleas:
  • Watering frequency: it can vary from 3 times a week in summer to 1 time a week during winter days.
  • Irrigation method: by drip is the best method becausehave to keep the leaves wet.
  • Optimal time of day for watering: before the sun heats up in the morning.
  • Identify excess water: the leaves are yellow , do not bloom and may even have a messy and flabby growth.
  • Identify lack of water: leaves that dry and sometimes fall off the plant .

What irrigation needs do bougainvilleas have?

Bougainvillea irrigation needs could be considered low compared to some other species that require more care.

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In this type of plants, what most influences the condition of the soil, recognizing that when it is dry, it is necessary to act with irrigation. The normal thing is that these are widely spaced in winter and increase in frequency in summer, as the water tends to evaporate faster.

How can we detect the lack of irrigation in bougainvillea?

Lack of watering or an extremely dry environment will cause the bougainvillea leaves to begin to dry out.

These dry leaves can fall in some cases or remain withered attached to the plant giving it an ugly appearance.

The solution is to promote a thorough irrigation, which penetrates to the lowest parts of the earth so that the roots can access easily.

In case the problem has to do with a lack of humidity, moving it to a cooler space can help.

How often should we water the bougainvillea?

The frequency of irrigation will be established, above all, by the time of year in which you are and the temperature that is registered. In the winter , as it is less hot, it is unnecessary to water too often, so you could work on a weekly basis.

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Even if you notice the soil is still moistened, you will not need to water until it is drier, even superficially. In summer these conditions are totally opposite so you will have to administer more waterings, between 2 or 3 per week.

Avoid wetting the leaves to reduce the risk of moisture attracting agents such as fungi.

What is the best way to water bougainvillea?

The most appropriate strategy is through dripping if it is in the ground or through a watering can if you have it in a pot.

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The idea is to direct the water to the base of it, that is, to the root, so that they are hydrated and they are the ones in charge of distributing this vital liquid to the rest of the structure.

Bougainvilleas that are planted in pots should have holes in the base to drain excess liquid and prevent rotting at the base.

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How do we detect excess water in bougainvillea?

Overwatering can manifest itself in various ways on bougainvillea plants. Thus we have:

  1. The lack of flowering in plants that are arranged indoors may be due to the fact that the waterings go faster than the capacity of the soil to drain the liquid and dry out. It is important to remember that a plant indoors will be subject to less sunlight and, therefore, its evaporation will be less.
  2. When the leaves turn yellow it can also be due to excessive watering. In some cases the use of water dishes under the pots is promoted so that the roots obtain the liquid they need, but if this water is not renewed frequently, it will stagnate and affect the health of the bougainvillea.
  3. The plant is noticeable with a messy and flabby growth . In this case, the risks have to do but mainly because the land does not have a good drainage capacity. The solution would be a transplant and then adjust the risks accordingly.
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With proper care, bougainvillea will be able to produce beautiful flowers for a long time. Do not neglect irrigation because, just as for human beings, water is vital for the development of plants.

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