Care of the Bird of Paradise or Strelitzia

It is, without a doubt, one of those plants that exude exoticism. As attractive as it is unique, the Strelitzia is a natural beauty that it is impossible not to fall in love with. However, you can fully enjoy this plant by knowing in depth the care of the Bird of Paradise: a name by which this herbaceous plant is popularly known and which alludes to its unique flowering. You only have to look at it to understand it: it resembles the plumage of a tropical bird in purple, orange and blue colors.

Although we grow it as part of our indoor plants, the truth is that its origins are quite different. Although its origin is South African, the truth is that it is one of the most widespread plants in tropical and subtropical climates in parts of the world far from the continent from which it originates. Thus it is possible to find the Strelitzia in countries such as Colombia, Mexico and Costa Rica; but, also, in a good part of the Mediterranean coasts. Something that already gives us a clue of how the care of the Bird of Paradise is.

Due to its spectacular nature, it is one of the plants with the most fans. But let’s not fool ourselves: despite being a long-lived plant, it is demanding in its cultivation. Let’s see what you need in detail to enjoy it, and its spectacular flowering.


When we consider knowing the care of the Bird of Paradise, we usually do it because of its wonderful flowering. One that occurs from spring to autumn, and that can accompany us for at least two weeks. However, apart from its flower, the Strelitzia is a plant with a unique presence. Its oval and perennial leaves are large, with a grayish-green coloration and a well-differentiated central nerve. Beyond its attractiveness, it is worth knowing that the Bird of Paradise is a leafy plant with a singularity: its leaves grow alternately.

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Although we usually grow it indoors, it is interesting to know that it is possible to have it in the garden. To carry it out outdoors and apart from knowing the care of the Strelitzia, it is vital to know that it will only survive in warm or coastal climates. Having it away from home and with the right conditions, we can enjoy it in all its splendor. Although in a pot it can reach a maximum height of one and a half meters, planted directly in the ground it can exceed two and a half meters. And, if it is feasible, it is worth doing if we consider how to attract pollinating insects to the garden. Not only they will come to enjoy your nectar: ​​so will the birds.

But nobody said that seeing this exotic beauty was easy! It is more: in the same way that it is crucial to know the care of orchids, another of the tropical plants with more fans; Knowing the needs of the Strelitzia in depth will be the only way to be able to grow it without complications.

1. Temperature, one of the vital cares of the Bird of Paradise for its well-being

Knowing that a plant comes from Africa and seeing where it grows in the world, we can get an idea of ​​its heat needs. The ideal range of temperatures is between 12 and 25 degrees, although the latter is the ideal one to promote its flowering.

The cold is its great enemy, so we can never expose it to temperatures below five degrees. Therefore, and if we live in a climate with harsh winters, we will have to grow it indoors and consider other cold-resistant perennial plants for our exterior.

2. The soil, another detail to pamper also in a pot

Fundamental. Although it can grow in most soils, the ideal for Strelitzia is to have a substrate with a pH of 7.5.

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It is not its only requirement regarding the soil: it must also have good drainage to avoid waterlogging, sufficient nutrients for its growth and depth to be able to grow its roots. We are talking about a plant with strong roots and rapid growth, so taking care of this detail is essential for its development.

How do we apply this to pots? Simple: choosing a good size in regards, fundamentally, to height.

3. Light, the real essential for this plant

As a good tropical plant, it needs the sun to be healthy and grow as it should. For this reason, it is essential for Strelitzia to receive at least four hours of sun a day, especially in the cold months. In the hot months and if we live in a climate with very high temperatures, we can place it in a bright semi-shade.

4. Irrigation and humidity, two of the most demanding care for Strelitzia

Let’s start by knowing an aspect that is especially delicate when we grow it indoors, and that is that environmental humidity is one of the most important cares for the Bird of Paradise. To be healthy, you need it to be around 70%. Something that, grown indoors, we can achieve by spraying its leaves and creating a humid atmosphere by placing a low plate with water and separating it from the pot of our plant using decorative aggregates.

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When it comes to irrigation, we have to be careful. Although it is a plant that needs water, it does not tolerate waterlogging. In fact: an excess of watering can cause the appearance of fungi and rot the roots of the plant. Although in the winter months the irrigation pattern is anecdotal, from spring it is important to start increasing it until it is regular. It is also important, in hot months, to keep the substrate minimally moist.

5. The transplant, necessary for its correct development

As we said before, one of the characteristics of the Strelitzia is that its roots have vigorous growth. Something that will force us, if we grow it in a pot, to transplant it annually until it is five years old. With this task, we will not only be offering you more room to grow. In addition, we will be renewing the nutrients of the substrate: some absolutely essential for its development.

To do it correctly, we will have to change it to a slightly larger container than the one it had and take advantage of it to enrich the earth mixture with earthworm humus.

6. The subscriber, fundamental in the care of the Bird of Paradise

From the beginning of spring and parallel to the increase in the irrigation pattern, it is important to apply a specific fertilizer. Not only will it allow the plant to have nutrients to promote its development: it will also favor flowering.

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For this reason, we will always have to pay before the formation of the flowers and maintain the fertilization pattern every 15 days until the arrival of autumn.

7. Pests and diseases, something to keep at bay

The last of the care of the Bird of Paradise that we must know. As we said, its main enemy is waterlogging since it favors the appearance of fungi that rot its root.

In addition, it can also be the target of sucking insects such as mites and aphids. Sometimes and even if we do not detect its presence, it is possible that our plant tells us that it is suffering from a plague: if we see leaves that are curled or grow deformed, it will be a symptom that an insect is installed in it. Eliminating them involves applying an ecological acaricide insecticide on a regular basis until they have disappeared.

And now that you know how to take care of your Bird of Paradise or Strelitzia, do you dare to include it among your plants? Despite the effort of its care, you will not regret it when, with the arrival of good weather, it begins to display its flowering in the form of a fan.

One that is, without a doubt, one of the most unique in nature.

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