Harvest Onions

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When to harvest onions?

Onions are vegetables widely used in the kitchen for their pleasant flavor and the properties they have.Thanks to the fact that it can be consumed raw or cooked, it becomes truly versatile.

Enjoying a plant in the home garden would be a luxury because it will allow you to have your own harvest and follow the ideal strategies so that they are of excellent quality.

One of those strategies is the opportune time of the harvest, a subject in which many doubts are sometimes generated, so today we will dedicate ourselves to studying it.

How is the onion harvested?

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The onion can be harvested in different phases since they are considered to be the appropriate size. The appropriate time will be determined by the state of the onion, if it is green it is useful for storing; if it is going to be consumed soon, it is better to let them mature.

The easiest way to find the right time to harvest is the superficial state of the plant. When it is decayed by 70%, it is already the clear sign that the bulb is ready to be extracted around its structure.

However, if you wait for the process to progress to 90% decay, it shows that the bulb is ripe. Now, even if the plant declines, it is important to make sure that the color change to brown does not occupy more than 50% of the structure, because then the bulb will become overripe.

How long does the onion harvest last?

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The duration of the onion harvest will be determined by the objective you hope to achieve with them.From early times onions can already be useful for consumption. Yes, even if you consider that the bulb and the leaves are still tender.

This entire cycle will continue until the time when the leaves fall and you already have the opportunity to obtain a harvest of ripe fruits. Around the time that the harvest lasts as such, it will always depend on the number of onions you have planted.

In general, harvesting an onion shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

When to cut the flower of the onion?

You will cut the flower of the onion at the end of the growth cycle to collect the seeds that you will use in the next harvest.Take into account that this is the end point that this species has and that, by the time the flower arrives, the bulb will no longer grow.

For this reason, it is not recommended to allow the onion to flower because even when the stem is cut, the cycle will already be interrupted.

What is the life cycle of the onion?

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The onion has two phases in its life cycle: the first is called the vegetative cycle and the second the reproductive cycle.The vegetative cycle is the one that fulfills to germinate, form, develop and grow until it is ready to generate fruits.

For the plant to achieve this entire process, it takes an average of one year.The second phase, the reproductive phase, is what allows the formation and growth of the bulbs.

This process ends with the flowering stage where it emits the seeds that you will have to collect to obtain new plants again. If in a crop cycle what interests you is that the bulbs grow more, you cannot allow flowering. This is achieved by stepping on the surface part of the plant.

In this way, all the energy will be spent on the bulb and not on the flower. The onion is a biennial plant.

How many onions grow from an onion plant?

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Onion plants develop per unit. It means that a seed will form a single plant and, therefore, a single onion.For this reason, if you want to have a good amount of onions in your garden, you must manage the space well.

Onions are delicious bulbs that you can plant in your garden and enjoy in the period that corresponds to their vegetative cycle. They have the property of being very tasty and of growing quite a bit if they are left underground long enough and have the right conditions.

Go ahead and have your onions and plan the harvest very well so that you always enjoy their good flavor at your table.

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