Choosing trees for small gardens

Trees are, without a doubt, the quintessential symbol of nature. Authentic green lungs that we not only need but that are also the dark object of desire for gardening lovers. For this reason, it is more than common to have the prejudice that we can only enjoy them when we have a good-sized space. Something that, however, is not the case, and that happens to know something: there are also trees for small gardens. Or, rather, the incredible plant world allows us to choose from its immense variety so as not to have to give them up, no matter how small our space may be.

The main characteristic of trees for small gardens is that they never exceed a height of five meters. Something that is based on the fact that they do not have very deep roots, so their growth is moderate. A wonderful factor for those who, even with a few meters of garden, want to be able to enjoy the presence of a tree in it.

From his shadow, from his company, from his smell. Of all those emotional aspects that, almost without knowing it, it brings to have them close.


Before seeing our proposal of trees for small gardens, we must take into account a consideration. Many of the shrubs in the garden can become trees. This is the case of some such as the Camellia, the Rhododendron or even some of the proposals that we are going to see below. What must be clear is that, whether it is a tree or a bush, its growth will not be from today to tomorrow. It will take even years to be able to enjoy the tree that we have in our mind. Something that must be considered a priori, and that can tip the balance in favor of fast-growing trees for small gardens.

In addition to this aspect, there is another aspect to consider before buying trees for small gardens. And it is that, especially in small spaces, we will have to be extremely careful with the choice for a matter of aesthetics. As we saw in our landscaping tips for small spaces, trees can help us create those height games that are so important to visually enlarge the space. However, having them also means keeping their horizontal growth at bay. Or, what is the same, its volume. The best way for them not to intercede visually in the space but to complete it.

Based on these two aspects, let ‘s see five proposals for trees for small gardens. Five wonderful species with flower, with fruit or without them to decorate our nature.

1. Jupiter tree, one of the ideal trees for small gardens

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One of the favorite options for those looking for trees for small gardens. One of its main attractions is its flowering. Pink, white, mauve and even purple appear with the arrival of spring in its foliage, dressing its glass with color. With a height that does not usually exceed five meters, the main characteristic of the Jupiter Tree is that it grows in a rounded way. In addition, it supports pruning without problems so we can give it the shape we want.

Deciduous tree, it can be cultivated even in a pot, reaching a considerable height. The ideal is to grow it in an acidic substrate and always in a place in full sun. Despite this, it is a tree that withstands the cold well: it supports frosts up to 15 degrees below zero. The only thing that is demanding is when it comes to water. It will need abundant watering and moist soil to grow.

2. Ornamental apple tree, a beautiful medium-sized fruit tree

A perfect choice for those who, in addition to having trees in small gardens, want to have a fruit tree

And if we can have trees for small gardens with flowers, why not ask that they also bear fruit? This is the case of the apple tree. A medium-growing tree that also has another virtue: a beautiful white bloom in spring. This fruit tree, which does not usually exceed three meters in height, is also characterized by a rounded growth in its crown.

Despite being a rustic and resistant tree, we have to take care of the place where it is planted. If we live in a cold climate, the ideal is that it is located fully in the sun. If, on the other hand, it is warm, it will grow better in semi-shade. In both cases, it is important to protect it from strong winds. In addition, it is important that it has regular and abundant watering, especially in the summer months.

3. Japanese Maple

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Taking into account its nickname, we get an idea of ​​why it is one of the trees for small gardens. Also called dwarf maple, it also does not exceed five meters in height. Beyond the beauty of its characteristic leaves, with the arrival of autumn this tree is a real spectacle. It is in this season when they take a color between red and purple.

Its ideal location will always be in semi-shade. Whether we grow it in a good-sized pot or directly in the ground, we must be careful. The Japanese maple requires clay soil, as it demands constant moisture.

4. Red plum

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Although its name may mislead us, the red plum tree is not part of the coveted fruit trees. However, it makes up for this lack of fruit with its incredible natural beauty. And we are not just talking about that characteristic pink bloom that stains the tree since the end of February. You also have to consider that its leaves are characterized by being red, purple and even purple. A color scenario that allows us to anticipate spring.

It is one of the most common trees for small gardens as it has a manageable size. In addition to this, it is incredibly rustic: it resists both frost and drought. The only thing it is picky about is where it is planted. Unless we live in a climate with hot summers, it prefers full sun. But, beyond this, we have to be careful with the terrain. It does not need a lot of water, so it demands a light and loose soil with good drainage.

5. Durillo

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Our latest suggestion for small garden trees is actually a flowering shrub. And yes, it lives up to its name: it’s incredibly tough. So much so that we do not have to complicate ourselves much with its planting location or with its irrigation. It withstands cold and heat, and grows perfectly in full sun or semi-shade. Also called wild laurel, it has a wonderful characteristic: its white bloom in the middle of winter.

Despite being a shrub, it can reach three meters in height. Thanks to the training pruning after flowering, we can eliminate the lateral branches to force it to grow vertically. It will only require two aspects: a soil with good drainage, and moderate irrigation.

Five types of trees for small gardens for all tastes. Which would you include in your home?

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