Ctenanthe lubbersiana care

Its unpronounceable name is the only really complicated thing about this plant. And it really is so. The care of the ctenanthe lubbersiana is extremely simple. So much so that it is even postulated as the perfect plant for those who are new to the world of plants. The truth is that we are talking about a low-maintenance species that requires very little to show off its unique leaves in two shades of green. Some with an extremely attractive natural design, and that captivate lovers of green plants.

But let’s go little by little to discover the care of the ctenanthe lubbersiana starting with a particularity. In our latitudes, it is part of the list of indoor plants. However, in warm regions and countries of the world it is common to see it in gardens. And not only that: always under the protection of a good-sized tree. Although it may draw our attention, there is no way to know its origins to understand why it is considered one of the allies of landscaping. Ctenanthe lubbersiana comes from the tropical rain forests of Brazil. Some natural spaces in which these plants grow under the trees, living thanks to the humidity of the ground and the light that penetrates through the foliage of the branches.

Even if we have to settle for growing it indoors, giving up will be sweet. Because only in this way, indoors, and knowing the care of the ctenanthe lubbersiana can we enjoy it. And boy, will we, because its tabby and oval leaves have the incredible ability to captivate whoever looks at them.


Before seeing in detail the care of the ctenanthe lubbersiana, it is interesting to know something. We are facing one of those plants that speak to us. Or, better said, that manifest any problem in their cultivation in their leaves. They are not only your weapon of seduction: they also work as a true mirror of your well-being. And, although it may seem secondary, nothing is further from reality. Observing its coloration, the intensity of its tones and even how its new leaves are born, we will be able to know if we are growing it correctly. A great help to be able to correct in time any inconvenience that could compromise the life of this green beauty.

By strictly following the care of the ctenanthe lubbersiana, we can enjoy this beautiful plant for a long time. get it here

And it is worth watching. Because, if we comply with the care of the ctenanthe lubbersiana, we have a plant for a while. Not only is it long-lived, but also, given ideal conditions, it is a fast-growing plant. And, although planted in the ground it can reach a meter, in a pot it will finish its growth in 50 centimeters. A perfect size to decorate any space inside our home.

Let’s see what it needs to fully display its beautiful foliage but also to promote flowering. Because one of the most beautiful gifts of this plant is, precisely, those small bouquets of spike-shaped flowers with which it gives us. Some that we can only enjoy if we properly care for this tropical wonder, although seeing them is complicated if we grow it in a pot.

1. Abundant but indirect lighting, key in the care of the ctenanthe lubbersiana

One of the most important ctenanthe lubbersiana care. And we are talking about a plant that demands a lot of light not only to be able to grow. Also to be able to maintain the natural design of its leaves. Because of how important it is, the ideal is that we look for an extremely bright location. But beware: no direct sun. If you receive it, its leaves may burn or lose the characteristic color intensity.

And how do we know if our lubbersian ctenanthe has the amount of light it demands? Easy. If it does not receive the brightness that it demands, the new leaves will be born in a single tone and without presenting their drawing.

Ctenanthe lubbersiana flowering

2. Regular watering in growing months

It is logical that one of the most important care of the ctenanthe lubbersiana is watering. And, although its origins are tropical, let this not confuse us. We are talking about a plant that needs good humidity but is extremely sensitive to waterlogging. Therefore, in addition to demanding good drainage, we must be careful when watering. Because, although we believe that a little more will not hurt it, excess watering is precisely one of the mistakes when caring for plants that can damage them.

So nothing like knowing your ideal irrigation pattern. One that varies in the months of good weather with respect to those of winter. While in spring and summer we will have to keep the substrate moist, the same does not happen with the cold months. In them, the ideal is that we let the surface layer of our plant dry between watering and watering.

And one more note: it is essential to irrigate with non-limestone water. This plant does not tolerate it.

3. Warm temperature, a factor to pamper

It’s tropical! It can be a good summary, but it is better to know your ideal temperature range. The perfect range for this plant is between 18 and 24 degrees throughout the year. Ideally, it should not drop below 16 degrees and under no circumstances be exposed to temperatures below 10. If you do, you can die of cold.

4. Regular subscriber in sunny months

Like many other tropical plants, ctenanthe lubbersiana goes into vegetative dormancy in the cold months. Therefore, it is convenient to promote its growth with the arrival of spring. The simplest and most necessary way for this plant: through the subscriber.

Regular fertilization is key in the care of the ctenanthe lubbersiana. Get this Verdecora brand here

With the arrival of the warm season, the ideal is to start fertilizing our plant every three weeks with specific fertilizers for green plants. Outside spring and winter, a dose every two months will be enough to keep the plant nourished.

5. Environmental humidity, another of the most important cares for the ctenanthe lubbersiana

We talked about watering, but it is almost as important to contemplate between the care of the ctenanthe lubbersiana that it has a humid environment. An aspect marked by its origins, and which will also determine the well-being of its leaves.

Achieving it happens by spraying its leaves or creating a humid environment around the base. To do this, simply place a lower plate with water that is separated from the roots of the plant. Thanks to this little trick, you will have the necessary humidity to keep your leaves in perfect condition.

6. Annual transplant, important to promote growth

Another of the cares of the ctenanthe lubbersiana that we must not neglect. As we said, it is a fast growing plant. But, for this, you need to have space in which you can spread your roots. Therefore, it is best to transplant it every year in spring.

Thanks to the presence of sand, this substrate is perfect for transplanting the ctenanthe lubbersiana. Discover its features

As important as this is to take into account two aspects. On the one hand, that it has good drainage to ensure that irrigation water does not accumulate. On the other, use a rich substrate with a good percentage of sand.

7. Regular cleaning of the leaves, the last care of the ctenanthe lubbersiana

It is not a matter of hygiene or aesthetics: it is absolutely vital for her. Only if we keep its leaves clean of dust, this plant will be able to carry out photosynthesis correctly and maintain the color of its leaves.

And, after discovering the care of the ctenanthe lubbersiana, can you resist enjoying it? It is impossible!

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