Fast-growing, low-root trees

Do you want to enjoy trees that provide shade, provide a fresh environment and improve the appearance of an environment?

With fast-growing trees you can solve this need without going through many problems, even ensuring that their roots are few.

There are many species and here we are going to list the ones that can offer you the best results. Will you accompany us along this journey?


One of the best options that exist to meet these two objectives is the maple because it is a tree that adapts to climatic variations. Although it loses its leaves in winter, it will keep you in excellent shade on summer days when you really want to be outside.


Maples are species that grow quite a lot, but in this case the ideal is to take advantage of those known as A. negundo and A. Penylvanicum. In both cases it grows up to a maximum of 12 meters high, which is positive for gardens with little space.


Here we have an ideal option for all tastes, since not only shade and decoration are obtained, but also fruits when it is their time.Citrus grows quickly, although it may take a little longer to generate a harvest.

Set of 3 citrus trees: lemon, mandarin and orange

Thanks to the fact that they have their leaves throughout the year, you will have a beautiful space not only in summer. Take into account that to achieve a better distributed and more balanced canopy you will have to work in detail on the subject of pruning.


Bauhinias are trees that grow little compared to other species, since they barely reach 7 meters.This does not imply that it offers little shade because it is a tree that develops a very dense crown that also blooms in spring.

10 Orchid Purple Bauhinia Tree Legume Seeds ~ Chris’s Garden

Its flowers are very similar to orchids, so it offers a very valuable visual impact that complements with colors such as white or purple. The only detail is that it does not support frost, so if they are frequent in your area, it is better that you choose another species.

white wattle

The acacias are not trees that stand out for growing very fast or for being especially good at providing shade, with the exception of the white acacia. It grows up to 30 meters and from very early on it gives that ornamental value that we all look for in the garden.

Black Locust, Robinia pseudoacacia, quick! 50 tree seeds

Because it offers very beautiful flowers, it fulfills several benefits at the same time. Although their roots are not as pronounced as other species of large trees, as a precaution it is better to keep them away from the areas where you have the pipes in your home.

Carob tree

It is another of the species that does not get along well with frost, but in return it offers a large crown that develops very quickly. In height it is capable of reaching 10 meters, but one of its main valuable aspects is that it expands a lot horizontally.

Carob Tree, Ceratonia siliqua, 30 Tree Seeds (Edible, Evergreen)

This means that the carob tree is capable of covering a larger territory in shade, which becomes perfect for gardens that are large. Its root is deep, but in exchange it offers the benefits of requiring little care and resisting for a long time, solving the need for a good tree.


It is a tree with exceptional characteristics to place in gardens of all kinds, taking care that it has the right space to grow. Thanks to its 35 meters high, it can be the ideal option to have good shade and, of course, show off its impressiveness.

Heki 1719 – Poplar Trees (4 Pieces, Height 14 cm), Multi-Colour, Assorted Colour/Model

Although it has few roots, it develops a robust trunk that can last for many years, which serves as a base to support the sprawling crown.


The lilac (whose scientific name is Syringa Vulgaris) is a tree with a small root but that does not affect its external structure.It reaches up to 7 meters in height, which makes it easier to have a more or less appropriate shade for a small garden, being able to install a bench under it.

15 Seeds Syringa vulgaris (Purple Lilac Common Tree) Bonsai

In winter it loses its leaves, but in spring they will sprout again to give space to a beautiful flowering, which will give that visual impact that you are surely wanting. Finally, it is worth noting that its flowers emit a very pleasant aroma. Then you will have: shade, few roots, flowers and aroma, all in one!

tree of jupiter

This tree is one of the most decorative species that you could consider for your garden, since it is a specimen with a small root. The Jupiter tree is an excellent option thanks to its inflorescences that splendidly decorate the environment where it is.

50 Jupiter Tree Seeds (Lagerstroemia indica)

In height, it is capable of reaching up to 8 meters, which makes it ideal for offering freshness and shade on summer days. Still, it may be the slowest growing species of this entire count, but if you’re patient, you’ll enjoy when it’s at its best.

Callistemon viminalis

It is a tree that gives a structure in the form of a weeping tree, which is an exquisite detail for gardens in general.One of its most favorable points is that the structure is small, reaching about 6 meters in height, which makes it easy to locate.

At the right time, the tree will produce red inflorescences that will contrast perfectly with the green of the leaves. You must take into account that it is a species that prefers tropical climates and that, although it may survive certain frosts, it is not recommended that it accept less than -7º C.

50+ Weeping Bottlebrush Callistemon Seeds – Viminalis

Choosing a good tree is a topic that should take you some time since it is not a decision made lightly. You have to study all the features involved and if the available space is little, it is best to take advantage of those with little root.

If in addition to that you have little time, take advantage of the fast-growing ones because in a couple of years you could be enjoying their shade, their flowers or their fruits. It all depends on the species you choose.

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