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If there is an indoor plant that seems to go well with any style of decoration you have at home, it is undoubtedly the monstera.

This very exotic plant confers a jungle aspect to the environment, greatly improving the space wherever it is placed.

Having it in perfect condition will hardly generate any work for you because it is an undemanding and highly resistant plant.

Consider the fertilizer for monstera as a way to give it some love so that it gives you its best appearance. Do you want to see more information on this topic?

Why is it important to fertilize monsteras?

The first thing is to recognize the monstera as a green plant that shows health in the vigor with which its leaves appear. This is a condition that you will achieve when you provide the necessary nutrients for that purpose.

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Fertilizing monsteras influences things like color, vibrancy, foliage development, and overall health.And this last point is very important to prevent pest or disease attacks from making your monstera an ideal place to live.

Take into account that a well-nourished plant will be able to offer resistance around this matter, avoiding serious damage.

How often should we pay the monsteras?

The fertilizer of monsteras, like most plants, you will have to run it during the spring and summer months, which are the warmest.

In this period, the ideal is that you apply a monthly fertilizer together with the irrigation water to strengthen the structure of the plant in a convenient way.

However, since it is a plant that you keep indoors and that you can have with green leaves all year round, you could also pay in autumn and winter. In these times, the process will have to be done only once a season. That is, once in the fall and once in the winter.

Winter fertilization is a good plan that you do near the end of the season. All these fertilizer proposals respond to the fact that the amount of substrate for a monstera indoors is very little, so the nutrients tend to be lost quickly after each watering.

What nutrients do monsteras need?

Being green plants, monsteras need to have a majority amount of nitrogen (N) because it will be what helps them develop that healthy foliage. However, you cannot lose sight of the importance of potassium (K) and phosphorus (P), since they are considered the most important nutrients for any plant.

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Micronutrients are also very important and, in this case, you should be especially attentive to the iron (Fe) content.The reason is that the plant could suffer deficits and change the beautiful green color of its leaves for a yellow that you will not find pleasant.

What kind of fertilizers do monsteras need?

Liquid fertilizers for green plants could be considered as the ideal fertilizers for monsteras. These are designed from the factory with the specific nutrients they need and in the exact concentration they need.

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In addition, they are usually easy to apply when you decide on a water-soluble or liquid version because it facilitates their application with irrigation.Homemade organic fertilizers have the benefit of having a good level of nitrogen in their structure, so they can be very useful for your monstera.

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The important thing is that they are well fermented so that you do not register any type of problem due to the entry of microorganisms.

How do we prepare fertilizer for monsteras?

Liquid fertilizers for flowering plants must be prepared according to the instructions indicated on the packaging to avoid overloading.

Sometimes these doses could be considered higher than necessary and that is why specialists propose reducing them to a beneficial amount.

So that the fertilization process adjusts to your particular case, you could start the fertilization with a little less than the concentration described and act according to the results.

The important thing is that the amount added never exceeds what the manufacturer indicates. In the case of home-type organic fertilizers (compost is recommended) the application must be very careful.

Although it is a natural product, it is very easy to go overboard with the amounts protected at its origin, but at the end of the day it is just about nutrients. Ideally, you should apply a minimal amount first, such as a handful of compost per plant, stirring the surface of the substrate so it penetrates.

If you use this method, it may not be necessary to pay monthly. Everything will tell the behavior of your plant.

How do we detect if the monsteras need fertilizer?

Monsteras are vigorous and beautiful plants that logically you like to see green throughout the year. When they have some nutritional deficit, it is very possible that you will not achieve this objective and that they will look decayed and with yellow or brown leaves.

The most advisable thing is to first verify that it is not a problem of another type, for example that it is due to excessive irrigation (which is usually very common). If you find that the problem is indeed related to a nutrient deficiency, it will be time to apply the fertilizer you have selected.

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In case of using a liquid version, the results should begin to be noticed quickly. In this case, homemade organic matter such as home compost will show changes after some time. Monstera fertilizer is essential care and especially useful when you have a specimen of this species at home.

Taking advantage of the information that we leave you here and establishing a schedule adapted to your requirements will be the most profitable strategy that you can use. Always remember to pay close attention to the changes that she herself shows you and act based on them.

Because although the theory is very good, the reality is that no two monsters are the same and everything that happens around them will influence their behavior, even when faced with fertilizers. Go ahead!

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