Flowering Plants: [+72 Examples and Characteristics]

Do you have a garden and would you like to decorate it with pretty flowering plants?

Or to know in greater depth what flowering plants we can find in the wild?

I think you have come to the right article.

Here we are going to show you a list of flowering plants with immense beauty and that you can also grow in your garden.

Do you like any of these flowering plants? No problem, in most of them you can go deeper because we have an article on our website, in which we explain how to plant it and what care it requires.

Pretty Flowering Plants


Sunflowers are herbaceous plants in the Asteraceae family, native to North America. These areannual flowering plants that die soon after the flower wilts.

There are about 70 species of sunflower, all of them with similar characteristics. Among some species we can mention the sunflower with fine leaves, the Maximilian sunflower, the Triumph of Ghent sunflower or the Jerusalem artichoke.

In addition to being planted to obtain sunflower oil, sunflowers are an excellent alternative to decorate the garden.


The chrysanthemum is a flower native to Asia, where it has a significant political, social and cultural value. Likewise, they often decorate cemeteries in various parts of the world.

It is considered a seasonal plant, since when its flowering season passes, its flowers wither and die.

It is a bright and very elegant flower, which needs a lot of light to open, as well as cool and ventilated environments.

Bird from paradise

Of South African origin, the Bird of Paradise is a flower that requires tropical and subtropical environments to grow.

Each stem supports about six flowers. It blooms in spring and requires many hours of sunlight for its development.


Calendula is also known as Maravilla.

It is one of the most decorative and striking flowers in the world and can be found in a large number of gardens, parks and avenues around the world, since it is a very resistant flower that adapts to different climates, from very cold even very dry.

It stands out because its leaves close when it is going to rain, which is why many people use it as a weather indicator.


The Camellia arrived in Europe more than 4 centuries ago, coming from the Asian continent.

Camellias are so faithful to the display of their beauty that their stems with intense green leaves are able to bloom even when the winter period appears.

lotus flower

It is one of the most popular flowers in the world and is distinguished, in addition to its particular shape, for being an aquatic plant. Its leaves measure between 25 and 100 cm in diameter, while the flower reaches up to 25 cm in diameter.

Naturally, the lotus flower settles in the Volga delta, in southern Russia, in Azerbaijan, Iran, Eastern Siberia, China, Pakistan, Nepal, India, among others.


Originally from Mexico, Dahlias are often said to represent passion. They have leaves with large double flowers and a wide variety of colors.

Its flowering occurs at the beginning of summer and extends until the end of autumn. The flowers are very fragrant and require very specific care, such as a certain amount of sunlight, protection from the wind, and well-nourished and hydrated soil.


Originally from Asia, roses grow on thorny bushes called rose bushes . Their popularity extends throughout the world and they are distinguished mainly by their unmistakable aroma and the arrangement of their petals.

They are flowers of a great variety of colors. Probably the most gifted in the world.


Tulips are plants with bulbous flowers widely used for decorating gardens and other spaces, thanks to their incredible diversity and their ability to survive, which ensures their flowering.

One of their main characteristics is that they depend on an underground stem to live.

Their organs are adapted to conserve the moisture and nutrients necessary to survive in adverse conditions, such as drought and intense heat, which allows them to remain in a dormant state underground with almost no light.

This reserve of nutrients allows her to start a new flowering cycle once again when conditions are favorable again.

To know more… Read this article to learn more about how to plant Tulips.

Passion Flower or Maracuyá

Passionflower, passion fruit plant or Passion Flower (Passiflora caerulea),It is a climbing tropical species of American origin, but whose fame has spread impressively in the world for its spectacular fruit and the exotic flower that it has.

The Passiflora quadrangularis variety is one of the best known in Spain and the world.

It produces passion fruit, an edible fruit with an acid flavor that can be up to 30 cm long.

Everything you need to know to plant the Passion Flower


It is a herbaceous perennial plant native to Europe and North Africa. It is widely used for decorative and culinary purposes, since it is edible. It is very resistant to mowing and is commonly seen in gardens, among the lawns.

It has diuretic, healing and expectorant properties, among others.


Orchids have fascinated the world for centuries due to their beauty and many characteristics that make them unique in the plant kingdom. They are present almost everywhere in the world, although they develop preferentially in the tropics.

It is a very large family, in fact it is the one with the most species in the entire plant kingdom and they are capable of growing indoors and outdoors.

However, some orchids are easier to grow than others and, in many cases, their cultivation and maintenance can be difficult. This is why its commercialization has become so expensive, since to cultivate it successfully it is necessary to meet certain requirements.

To know more… How to plant Orchids step by step.


Also known as lilies, lilies constitute a genus with more than a hundred members that is included within the lily family.

They are very beautiful and fragrant wildflowers, especially nocturnal ones, and come in a wide range of colors. Some have small spots on their petals.

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Bleeding heart

Its appearance is very reminiscent of an open and bleeding heart, hence its name. It is a fairly common flower on the Asian continent, mainly in Russia and Japan, where a temperate climate with certain levels of humidity prevails.

They bloom in spring and reach up to a meter and a half in height.


Many of the Convolvulus species are considered to be weeds, capable of suffocating other flowering plants. In the wild they are easily found on rocks and very cold places.

Only a few species are deliberately cultivated for their attractive flowers in shades of bluish, purple and purple.


The carnation is considered one of the most beautiful flowering plants in the world.

Of Mediterranean origin, it is a plant that blooms several times a year in various shades ranging from red, pink, white and yellow. One of its most widespread uses is as an ornament for special events, mainly weddings.

Along with roses, they are probably the most popular flowers in the world.

cherry blossoms

The cherry tree is recognized throughout the world, not only for its ornamental value, but also for its heavy and hard wood, which makes it ideal for the manufacture of furniture, instruments and veneers.

The cherry tree is beautiful and lively, and it exists in different varieties, but it demands certain requirements to achieve a successful cultivation.


The hydrangea is avery intense lilac or blue flowers.

They only occur on Chatham Island, a New Zealand archipelago, but closely related species have been found in the Mediterranean and parts of America.


Lavender or lavender is a semi-bushy plant with small violet – blue flowers. Despite its characteristic color, it is known, above all, for the fragrant aroma it gives off.

It is a very resistant plant that requires a lot of light, although in winter it withstands frost well.

It adapts without problems to rocky areas and dry and clayey soils, as well as to pots and planters. It is also known medicinal properties.

To know more… Read this article to learn more about how to grow Lavender.


Azaleas are also bushy flowering plants.

Son muy típicas en los jardines japoneses debido a que son originarias de allí, aunque se pueden encontrar en muchas otras partes del mundo.

Son tremendamente bonitas, aunque algo delicadas en su cuidado.

Para saber más… Lee este artículo para saber más sobre cómo sembrar azaleas.


Las peoníasson flores perennes, originarias de Asia, muy fragantes ycon una gran variedad de tamaños.

La especiemás común es la peonía de China, la cual se puede encontrar en una amplia gama decolores, desde blanco, amarillo o rojo, hasta rosa o anaranjado. Al igual que los crisantemos, son plantas con flores de temporada, ya que desaparecen eninviernoyflorecen en primavera.


Son originarios de la cuenca Mediterránea.

Su nombre procede deNarciso, el joven de la mitología griega que se distinguía porsu singular belleza y no es, de ninguna forma,algo accidental.

Esta planta cuenta con unashojas alargadas de color verde intensoy flores que se muestran en una gran diversidad de colores,siendo las más comunes lasblancasy lasamarillas.

Su vida, tras de su florecimiento,es de tan sólo 20 días.

Diente de León

El Diente de León​es una especie de la familia delas asteráceas y es, generalmente, considerada como mala hierba.

Esmuy conocida por que suscipselassonfrágiles al viento y suelen volarcon un simple soplido. Además, tiene diferentes propiedades curativas, entre ellas,digestivas, diuréticas y depurativas.


Las begoniases un género que tiene mil quinientas especies, de las cuales ciento cincuenta se comercializan en todo el mundo para su uso en jardinería y porque sonplantas ornamentales.

Su nombre se le debe a Charles Plumier, referente francés de botánica, quien quiso de esa manerahomenajear a Michel Bégon, un gobernador de la excolonia francesa en Haití.

Las begonias sonflores de impresionante colorido y rutilante bellezaque, entre otras cosas,son usadas para el amor, porqueel regalo de un ramillete de begoniases prueba del sentimiento hacia la persona aquien se le confiere.


El Cyclamen o ciclamen,esuna maravillosa planta de tubérculoqueflorece espectacularmenteen invierno.No presenta órganos leñosos y por eso sela considera herbáceayperenne.

Sus tubérculoslos puede enraizar en lasuperficieo solamente en la base.

Sus hojas carnosascon un largo pecíolo, tienen un color verde moteadoen el haz y verde o purpura en el envés. Pero las flores son su mayor tesoro.

Cuentan congrandes pétalos y se caracterizan por su variedad cromática. Las hay desdeblancasarosas, púrpuras y desprendenun olor atrayente muy agradable.

El geranio

Los geraniosson una delas plantas con flores más comunes en los jardines.Por lo mismo,se encuentran entre las más reconocibles.

Esto quizás sedeba a que son plantas muy nobles,queno presentan muchas dificultades para su cultivoy requierenpoco mantenimiento.

Para saber más:El cultivo y cuidado de los geranios.

Oxalis Triangularis o Planta Mariposa

Si te gustan las plantas con flores, pero deseas salir del típico color verde de sus hojas, te ha llegado el momento de cultivar unaoxalis triangularis.

Esta hermosaplantaes también conocida como mariposay no es para menos porque guarda unas destacadas características que le dan una forma similar a este insecto.

Además,sus hojas tienen una lindatonalidad púrpuraque puede hacer que tu jardín interior destaque como ningún otro.

Para profundizar:Cómo sembrar y cuidar la oxalis triangularis o planta mariposa.


Sin duda alguna, una de las mejores plantas con flores es elKalanchoe,originaria de los territorios tropicales del indómito continente africano, porque con excelentes cuidados y mucho amor, podrás lograr que florezca varias veces al año.

El Kalanchoe, con sus tonalidades ennaranjaintenso, rosa, rojo, amarillo o blanco, es ideal para generar contrastes decorativos impactantes en tu hogar.

Pero para que florezca de forma espectacular, necesita mucha pero mucha luz en un lugar privilegiado de buena ventilación, donde pueda crecer a plenitud ya que alcanza unos 40 centímetros.

Para saber más:Cómo cultivar y cuidar el kalanchoe.

Violeta africana

Esta belleza llamadaVioleta africana oSaintpaulia ionantha, es todo un espectáculo floral que aceptará gustosa vivir en tu casa, siempre que la ubiques en un lugar con mucha luz natural.

It is a sensational hybrid from Africa, specifically it is seen a lot in Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa. It was discovered at the end of the 19th century by Baron Walter von Saint-Paul-Illaire, which gave it an aristocratic fame throughout the world.

To know more: How to sow and make the African violet grow.

The Goose Flower

The Flor de Oca or Oxalis is a beautiful tropical plant that can bloom throughout the year, ideal for growing it in pots. Some 600 varieties have been recognized worldwide.

In general, they do not reach heights greater than 30 cm. But they are very resistant, they can expand almost anywhere because they withstand high temperatures, given their nature of tropical origin and they also adapt to the winter period.

To learn more: Care and growth of Oca Flowers.


Anthurium or Anthurium is one of the most widely used herbaceous perennial flowering plants in interior decoration. It reaches a length of between 30 to 40 cm. It has the peculiarity of exhibiting green, red and white tones, which generate intense contrasts, very showy.

Its intense green armored or pointed lanceolate leaves are among the most resistant of the different floral species.

To know more: Planting and care of anthurium.

rose of alexandria

The Alexandrian rose is a species of plant with very attractive ornamental characteristics. It offers lush

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