From the garden to the pot, a book by Floren Domezáin

Hello Farmers! Today I am going to talk to you about the book “From the garden to the pot” by Floren Domezáin. This book is very similar to what Raymond Blanc did in Kew On a Plate, in London with his BBC program, where he taught the entire process that the vegetable or vegetable followed from its cultivation to the kitchen. In this case, instead of a television program, Floren Domezáin brings us a fabulous book where he explains how to garden from the beginning to the time of cooking the harvest. Do you want to meet its author?

From the garden to the pot, a book by Floren Domezáin


Floren Domezáin, a native of Tudela (Navarra), has lived linked to the garden since he was born, since his parents and grandparents were farmers. His love for the countryside encouraged him to study Agricultural Technical Engineering. In 1992, he managed to be a supplier for the Seville Expo. Since then, he has given numerous lectures and master classes and has received numerous awards. He represented Spain at the 1st Slow Food World Congress in Turin and was an advisor on the TVE program Un país para comérselo.In addition, he was the creator of the largest urban garden in the world on the roof of a famous hotel in Madrid, which we already talked about in the article «THE URBAN GARDEN OF THE WELLINGTON HOTEL «. Along with the wonderful photographs of Daniel Sánchez Alonso, he brings us this fantastic book, which can be very useful when it comes to cultivating and eating our organic garden.


The book is structured in such a way that it becomes a really practical manual for garden cultivation. Not only the «before» of vegetables is important, but also the «after», that is, how to cook them, which is why it complements the gardening tips with 40 magnificent recipes. Let’s see a little how it is.

Start the garden

In this first part, Floren Domezáin tells us about the multiple advantages of orchards, from her own point of view and experience, and explains the types of orchards or pots that we can find and where to locate them. It also exposes everything necessary to start the garden, something as basic as the tools to use, the importance of choosing the seed varieties, the peat, the type of irrigation system, the importance of geotextile covers, the fertilizer and some tricks, such as planting a tobacco plant near the crop , since aphidsand spider mites prefer it to other plants, so they will go to it and leave our vegetables alone.

Next, he talks about planting at home, that is, about creating seedbeds to subsequently transplant the seedlings, already somewhat grown, and with a greater capacity to resist the elements. All this accompanied by some advice when sowing or planting, and a sowing calendar based on the state of the Moon, because according to Floren, the plant does not grow the same if there is a full moon than if it is waning, although this also depends of the type of crop.

Further on, it goes into three very basic techniques, but at the same time very important for the correct development of the crop, such as plant trellising, land ridging or pruning.

Lastly, he talks about the importance of the gardener’s intuition and experience in such an important task as harvesting. In the final part of the book, moreover, he tells us about the work of the orchard in winter and attaches some sheets of sowing calendars and temperatures during the different months of the year, which can be very useful in the orchard.

vegetables throughout the year

Once the garden is established, we must choose which crops we are going to plant at each time of the year. From the garden to the pot can help us plan the garden, through the cards of the different crops. Floren Domezáin presents a compilation of crops, ranging from borage to carrots, asparagus, chilli and even red fruits; all of this categorized according to their harvest time, dividing them into “twelve month” vegetables, when they can be harvested throughout the year, such as Swiss chard or radish; spring (strawberry, spring onion or tomato), summer and, finally, autumn.

Each crop is accompanied by important information, such as the planting periods, the planting or planting frame, some guidelines for planting it correctly, special care it requires, irrigation needs, the association of crops that can benefit you, and other information such as nutritional properties or some curiosities. Really useful for growing your vegetable garden!

From the bush to the table

Last but not least, Floren Domezáin complements each vegetable with a recipe, which is of great help when we run out of ideas when it comes to cooking, we are bored of always eating the same thing or, simply, we feel like innovating in the kitchen. The truth is that the dishes look exquisite!

This is all about «From the garden to the pot» by Floren Domezáin, a highly recommended book for its content, its structure and its ease of understanding. I end with some phrases from the author that can help you, not only if you are starting with an organic garden, but also in life in general:
In short, cheer up and, as I told you at the beginning of the book, think that the earth always returns to two hands what you give to it. If you give it time and care, it still takes patience, but in the end you will see that this effort is not only enjoyed by your stomach. So while the time comes to look back and celebrate, enjoy the journey as much as the goal, keep the illusion alive, remember why you do it, what you pursue and what you win, what you become when you fight for a dream and little by little it grows… Because whoever sows reaps, and you will never see it as clearly as in the garden.

Until next time Agrohuerters!

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