Guest article in Sembrar100?

If you have reached this page, perhaps it is because you are interested in writing a guest article.

General conditions

At Sembrar100 we give bloggers the opportunity to write a guest article. However, we have a series of requirements for each article, which we explain below:

  1. The theme of the article will be chosen by the guest author and/or Sembrar100. We will agree on the topic to be discussed.
  2. In any case, the theme of the article will be related to crops, planting, agriculture, gardening, botany, ecology or similar topics.
  3. The article will have a minimum of 1,000 words and a maximum of 3,000. Depending on the theme and the number of questions to be answered, the length will be specified.
  4. It must be written with correct spelling and grammar. Spelling mistakes and/or grammatical inconsistencies will not be allowed.
  5. The corresponding H2, H3 and H4 headings will be used.
  6. The article will include advertising, as it is our main means of monetization on this page.
  7. Please try to personalize your proposal. We will not accept emails that are clearly massive and/or spam.

If you are interested in publishing a guest post, you can send us an email to

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