Silver Pothos: [Planting, Care, Irrigation and Substrate]

Silver pothos, Photos, silver, Poto escindapso or Scindapsus pictus, are the names given to this beautiful plant that is highly valued in the world of climbers.

It will always seek to tangle where it can best. It’s very tough. Live many years.

It has unique qualities in its deep green, velvety-textured, Ace-shaped leaves with curious silver spots that gave rise to the name Silver Poto.

If you hang it from the ceiling and let it grow as a hanging bush, or on the top shelf of a high shelf, it will show you all its beauty in no time.

Characteristics of the Silver Pothos

It is a climbing plant, ideal for interiors. The reception of light, as we will see below, should not be direct and they benefit from being in the shade.

They tend to grow in hot climates. They do not tolerate cold well.

Temperature: Where should we plant the Silver Pothos?

It prefers warm temperatures, but holds up to 15°C very well.

Only if you subject her to extreme kills will her leaves begin to drop, so spare yourself such a high-impact consequence.

Light: What needs do you have?

Like most climbers, this plant has difficulty receiving intense sunlight. Find a place with very good natural lighting in your home.

But it does not resist direct sun. You will kill her if you expose her. You must choose a good room with enough natural light, but it needs it to grow healthy and strong.

Substrate and Fertilizer: How do we prepare the land?

A universal substrate and a ceramic pot are key for the silver Potho to live in your home.

With this combination and the use of a liquid fertilizer, you will obtain wonderful results that will enhance the color and development of roots, stems and leaves, in a balanced environment.

When making a transplant, you will need a larger pot to allow the roots to continue growing.

Sow Silver Pothos

  1. If you have a specimen in a pot, it is important to transplant it to a larger pot so that it develops correctly.
  2. It is a difficult plant to grow, so you must take into account the care and watering it needs.
  3. Prepare the pot where you want to hang the silver pothos with enough substrate and also check that the soil is loose and moist.
  4. Carefully remove the silver pothos from the pot and place it in the new, larger pot.
  5. Fill in what is left with quality soil.
  6. In case of germination, it needs daily light and sufficient heat. Moisten the soil without flooding. Sprinkler irrigation is ideal.

Irrigation: how often and how?

Take care of your roots.

The Silver Pothos also has a strong tendency for its root system to rot if you over-water the plant.

You should only do it when you see that its leaves begin to bend, an unequivocal sign that it is dehydrated, or as always, when the substrate dries completely on the surface.

clean with damp cloths from time to time and sprinkle the leaves with a rain-type jet, stimulates its beauty. Especially, in summer make sure to water it always keeping the soil moist and in winter the tendency will be very moderate.

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