How often and how to water my Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera represents one of the best valued plants in the world for its healing properties.

In fact, although it is known in many cultures as a miracle plant, it is usually given the name aloe vera.

Aloe vera is very easy to care for and thrives in almost any environment, so it is sometimes possible to neglect such important issues as watering.

That this does not happen to you, make yourself comfortable and we are going to review in this post all the data that you have to consider for the irrigation of your aloe vera.

Important points when watering an aloe vera:

  • Irrigation frequency: once a week in summer, twice a month in spring and once a month in autumn and winter.
  • Irrigation method: drip.
  • Optimum time of day for irrigation: any time of day.
  • Identify excess water: rot in the center, soft leaves, little growth.
  • Identify lack of water: yellow or brown leaves, closed leaves.

What irrigation needs does aloe vera have?

The irrigation needs of aloe vera are almost minimal because it is a plant that does better in dry conditions than in excessive humidity.That is why the exact moment to apply a new irrigation should be when the environment where the plant is planted is already dry.

Aloe Vera Natural Plant in Ceramic Pot Aloe Barbadensis or Aloe Vera

Consider that if there is rainy weather you will not need to water and, if the rains are very abundant, it is better to place your aloe vera in a dry place.

How can we detect the lack of irrigation in aloe vera?

Although it may cause you concern at first, the lack of irrigation in aloe vera is an issue that you can easily counteract.

You will notice the symptoms that it feels dry in the leaves, which could wrinkle or turn yellowish, even brown.

In addition to that, the leaves of a healthy aloe vera feel open and pointing upwards. When it doesn’t have enough moisture, they will close.

In case this problem happens to you, you only have to apply a deep watering for a single time and maintain the recommended watering frequency afterwards. You will do this irrigation by immersing the base of the plant in a container with water for about 10 minutes so that the water reaches all the roots and rehydrates.

How often should we water Aloe Vera?

The risks of aloe vera will be determined by the climatic conditions and the place where it is planted. It is important that each irrigation is with a very small amount of water to avoid, with great discipline, subjecting the specimen to more humidity than required.

This, of course, will result in more frequent irrigations than if irrigation were applied with a large amount of water. Regarding the climatic issue, we must consider that autumn and winter represent cold seasons where evaporation is very low.

Organic Aloe Vera – pot 15cm. – overall height approx. 40cm. – natural plant – organic farming – (shipments only to the peninsula)

Therefore, at this time it is very likely that the watering needs of your aloe vera is only once a month. You will have to increase this frequency to two monthly in the spring, until you reach once a week during the summer.

What is the best way to water aloe vera?

Drip is the most effective and safe way to apply irrigation to aloe vera without the risk of flooding. You can install a basic kit, which has a very affordable price, or apply using a gardening watering can if you have few copies.

Hiveseen 45M Garden Irrigation System, Drip Irrigation Kit with Adjustable Sprayer Sprinkler Nozzle and Automatic Dripper for Garden, Greenhouse, Lawn, Patio, Terrace, Landscape
Prosperplast Garden Watering Can 10L Classic in Silver Color, 10 liters

How do we detect excess water in aloe vera?

When aloe is subjected to many more risks than it is capable of supporting, growth will slow down and you will not see it as healthy as you would like.To the touch, the leaves will feel very soft and possibly with a bad smell in the central part because they will have rotted.

Take into account that excess watering gives the opportunity for different types of fungi to lodge, which could even cause the death of the plant. To help it recover from this state, you will need to remove it from where it is planted, free the roots from the moist soil, and replant.

Organic aloe vera plant

In this way, you will place it in an environment with better conditions. After this, make sure to give it some time before watering again. The use of water that is purified is something that aloe vera greatly appreciates because high levels of alkalinity affect it.

And, since the idea is to give you all the conditions for you to be happy and prosper ideally, it is not very demanding for all the benefits that it will offer you. Every home should have an aloe vera plant and you are lucky if you have it, so do not neglect the irrigation of aloe vera.

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