How often and how to water my geraniums in winter?

It is exciting to take care of the geranium when we see that the small buds are already forming and, even more so, when it begins to bloom.

For this moment to come, it is necessary that it also go through the winter and that we give it the care it needs.

The good news is that you won’t have to do much work, on the contrary, in winter the tasks are very simple. So do not stop fulfilling them because it is what will ensure that next spring you will have your impact flowers again.

And here we will tell you all the details about this topic, Shall we start?

Important points when watering geraniums in winter:

  • Irrigation frequency: normally once a week, paying attention to the state of the substrate.
  • Irrigation method: with a watering can.
  • Optimum time of day for irrigation: any time, except at night to avoid excess humidity.
  • Identify excess water: leaves become weak, may rot turning dark brown, and roots rot.
  • Identify lack of water: it manifests itself in the leaves which look wrinkled, weak and change their color from green to yellow or brown.

What watering needs do geraniums have in winter?

The needs of geraniums during the winter decrease because they do not have the energy expenditure that does occur in the spring and summer periods. Although it is beneficial for it to receive sunlight, and that is why it is recommended that the geranium be placed near a window, this light is of lower intensity.

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In this way, the process of evaporation of the liquid on earth is much slower.

How can we detect lack of irrigation in geraniums in winter?

winter» width=»300″ height=»207″ /> Geraniums keep their leaves throughout the winter, making it easy to spot times when they don’t get enough water.

The leaves will begin to lose their smooth and firm texture to become wrinkled and dry.They are also likely to vary in color, changing from the characteristic green to yellow or brown around the edges.

How often should we water geraniums in winter?

In winter, watering is not very frequent and you have to be attentive to this to prevent it from suffering waterlogging.The usual thing is to space them once a week, but always checking the soil conditions first.

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If a whole week has passed and you notice that the soil still looks wet, it is better to leave it for a few more days.

What is the best way to water geraniums in winter?

The watering can will be your great ally because it will help you supply the right amount of water, without puddles and without wetting the leaves.If you have geraniums planted in the garden and there is a risk of frost, it is very likely that you have applied a pot transplant to avoid risks.

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Make sure that the pot has holes at the bottom where excess water can drain away and not remain stored in the ground. To facilitate this task, the most common is to place a plate under the pot to help collect all the liquid.

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This water, after collected, throw it away so that it does not remain stagnant so close to the plant and end up affecting it.

How do we detect excess water in geraniums in winter?

As with most flowering plants, overwatering geraniums can become a deadly weapon against them. The signs that something is wrong around this are evident in the leaves, which lose vitality and can feel flimsy to the touch.

If the excess water is frequent or excessive, as it happens when you have geraniums in pots without drainage, the plant will begin to rot. You can also notice this in the leaves that will turn dark brown as the first sign and that will end the rotting of the roots as well.

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Another problem that arises associated with excess water in geraniums is the settlement of fungi, since it is an ideal environment for them.In case you consider that you have missed the amount of water in a certain irrigation, you just have to wait more days before applying a new one.

You may also remove the plant from wherever it is and transplant it into soil with better moisture conditions. In addition to all of the above, remember that geraniums do not feel good when they are subjected to very low temperatures.

So if you live in an area where frosts are frequent, don’t wait until it’s too late to put your plants under indoor protection. They will thank you and you will be able to continue enjoying its advantages for much longer.

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