How often and how to water my Poinsettia?

The poinsettia, also known as poisentia, is the characteristic plant of Christmas days that you will surely love.

Enjoying it is a true gift of nature and we can take advantage of it for a large number of days with the correct care.

One of them is irrigation and far from seeking to manage it just because, it is ideal that you know the exact needs for this species.

Would you like to know which ones are they? Congratulations because you have come to the right place to find out all the details.

Important points when watering a poinsettia:

  • Irrigation frequency: 1 time per week in summer and 2 times per week in winter.
  • Irrigation method: by immersion.
  • Optimum time of day for watering: Ideally, early in the morning, but if you are indoors it can be any time.
  • Identify excess water: the leaves look droopy, soft and the plant tends to rot.
  • Identify lack of water: brown or yellow and decayed leaves.

What watering needs does the poinsettia have?

Poinsettia tend to be a very easy species to keep around watering issues.It is necessary to apply the water in small portions, ensuring that the substrate is moist at all times.

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To avoid excesses or defects, specialists recommend relying on the immersion method.

How can we detect the lack of irrigation in the poinsettia?

Drought is not a good condition that plants should be subjected to because they need moisture to carry out their internal processes, as a living being.

The most noticeable way to understand that there is a lack of irrigation will be in the leaves that will look yellow and dry.

They may also take on a brown hue when the plant is subjected to extreme dry weather. It is worth noting that drought is easy to notice in the substrate, which will look loose and with low humidity.

And although it is most likely that this condition is acquired after several days without receiving irrigation, it can also occur in a single moment. This is what will happen if you leave your poinsettia in direct sunlight for a long time on the same day.

How often should we water the poinsettia?

The very particular flowering conditions of the poinsettia promote abundant watering in winter and much less in summer.If you live in a space where the summers are not excessively hot, once a week will suffice. If temperatures are high, increase to 2 times.

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In winter, you will have to concentrate the greatest frequency of irrigation at the beginning of the season, when flowering has just begun. After that, you can water 1 or 2 times a week.

What is the best way to water the poinsettia?

The best way is to apply the water directly to the soil, without wetting the leaves or bracts.The leaves can only be moistened, minimally, when the plant is in the flowering stage. Of the rest, it is better to avoid it. The irrigations can be executed by the drip system.

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However, the most optimal way to proceed is through immersion. This method will ensure that the substrate gets the proper moisture, without compromising the other elements of the plant.

The idea is to place a plate with water under the pot where you have planted the poinsettia. This pot should have holes in the bottom to drain the liquid.

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Then, you put the water in the plate and the roots will be in charge of absorbing the amount of water that it needs. For the entire process to flow optimally, make sure that this process lasts a minimum of 10 minutes, prolonging it if necessary.

After that, remove the plate and discard any remaining water.

How do we detect excess water in the poinsettia?

The excess of water is easily identifiable in the health of the leaves of the poinsettia, since these will be drooping.If you touch them, the most common thing is that they feel soft, when in itself their structure tends to be very firm.

Another condition that may occur is darkening and wrinkling of the leaves.Finally, when the amount of water is not controlled, the root system will end up rotting and, with it, the entire plant.

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Take into account that your poinsettia or poinsettia flower will be much healthier if you use lime-free water for irrigation. If you complement a correct irrigation with the subscriber at the corresponding times and an appropriate pruning, you will surely enjoy a beautiful poisentia.

And that is exactly what we all expect to beautify the garden and the interior of the house during the most beautiful time of the year, right?

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