16 Types and Varieties of Most Famous and Delicious Apples

In the following article we will show you 16 varieties and types of apples most consumed and cultivated in the world.

Varieties and types of apples

Red Delicious

Dark red apple that is produced in the United States, France and Italy.Its meat is juicy and its aroma is strong.

It does not keep for a long time. It is the type of apples most used in salads.

Ralls Genet

Red and yellow apple that has served as a breeding ground for other species, its name comes from Edmond Charles Genet, a friend of the third US president Thomas Jefferson, who loved its flavor. That is why it became popular in North America.


Green in color that varies from red to pink. This type of apple is a clone product of the crossing of the two types of apples described above, Ralls Genet and Red Delicious, whose name is due to the fact that the process was carried out in the city of Fujisaki, Japan.

It is as sweet as honey, so it is eaten raw, but it is also used in salads.


This super crisp apple variety has just the right balance of sweet, tart and juicy flesh, a favorite during the fall; when in high demand. The skin is deep red with green hues.

Producers must temper them to a mild temperature before refrigerating them, which often drives up their price.

The juice is often used to make apple cider. It cooks very well and holds its shape in desserts, savory dishes, or can be pureed for sauces.

Golden Delicious

Originally from Virginia, United States, since the end of the 20th century, product of the cross between the Grimes Golden and Golden Reinette varieties; with golden and shiny skin, sweet flavor, a delicacy widely used in the preparation of cakes, in juice, fresh, in fruit salads, or in confectionery in general.

In Spain we find it in local markets all year round, between September and August. It has other names: Golden, Golden Smoothe, Golden B and Golden 972. Of this apple there are Canadian, Dutch and French varieties.


Gala apples are taller, thinner and less sweet than other apples.

They are light red in color with more yellow on their skin than other red varieties, and have a slightly sweet and crisp flavor. Their flavor is not intense, but they are still good companions for cooking and baking.


Pazazz apples look like someone has put a yellow and red tie on their skin (you could say they have pazazz).

In terms of flavor, they are often compared to an enhanced Honeycrisp apple, because they are sweeter with a hint of tartness.


Jazz apples have a strong, fruity flavor and a dense texture.

If you’re going to eat one raw, it’s better to cut it than bite into it directly. Its flavor is sweet and intense, more fruity than acid.


You may not see them as often as they are native to New Zealand.

Braeburn apples have a light, red skin (similar to gala apples), and their texture is firm and crisp. Each bite has a nice balance of sweet and tart, and they’re best baked or eaten raw.


This class is obtained from the crossing of Golden Delicious with other species, from which a large apple emerges, golden yellow in color with a reddish veneer.

The pulp is juicy and crunchy, with a good aroma; however, it is not good for processing. It is available in the markets of the Northern Hemisphere between November and April.

Pink Lady

It comes from Australia. Apple of pink color with greenish yellow tone. It is obtained from the crossing of the Golden Delicious and the Lady William’s, so it is widely used in salads.

It has an acid flavor, so it is also ideal to combine with cheese, fish and meat.

Granny Smith

Its name comes from Mary Ann Smith, an Australian, who popularized it in the mid-19th century, although it is highly sought after in Spain.

It is green in color, thick and crisp, effervescent. It is one of the most acidic apples that exist. That makes it ideal for cakes, pastries in general and salads. It gives a fresh touch to the dishes.


Originally from Ontario, Canada, in 1796, it owes its name to John McIntosh, its discoverer.Round, with a uniform red color, white and juicy flesh, crunchy, acid flavor, does not oxidize, recommended for salads, cakes and jams.

In the United States they prepare a pink compote with their skin. Precisely, its fragile skin and soft meat make it recommended for people with weak and sensitive teeth.

Beauty of Rome

Exotic name for this apple produced in Italy, Germany and Argentina. It is large, very attractive due to its red color, white flesh and acid taste. Suitable for cooking or fresh consumption.

It is also known by the names of Roma Beauty, Gallia Beauty, Imperatore, etc. Storeable in refrigerators.


Originating in the 16th century in France, it is also produced in Canada. Your color is gray. It is large and flattened.

Consistent meat, sweet and sour taste, it is used in confectionery and cooking. We can find it in Spain from September to March.

royal gala

As its name indicates, it is the apple of royalty, as its name is a tribute from the Commonwealth to Queen Elizabeth II of England, who is also the symbolic head of state of New Zealand.

Place where this fruit originates, which has a flavor worthy of kings and can be used in the kitchen, preferably in roasts and purées.

Its color is red and orange on the outside. aromatic, white meat, tasty, excellent flavor. Also ideal for preparing cakes. Highly sought after in Spain.

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