How often and how to water my rosemary?

The rosemary plant is highly valued in the world of gardening because it has many properties.It is aromatic, it is used to treat certain health problems, to dress meals.

This has given rise to it occupying a place of honor in home gardens and to the search for the best strategies to have it as a top 10.

Here we will talk today about one of the fundamental care to achieve this goal and it is the irrigation of rosemary. Keep reading and find out everything.

Important points when watering rosemary:

  • Irrigation frequency: for winter days, place the irrigations in 1 or 2 fortnightly. In the case of summer, increase up to 2 weekly.
  • Irrigation method: drip.
  • Optimum time of day for irrigation: early mornings.
  • Identify excess water: loss of vigor and the characteristics of its structure. Appearance of diseases.
  • Identify lack of water: it does not suffer from lack of water because it is resistant to drought. If left too long without irrigation, it could die.

What irrigation needs does rosemary have?

The rosemary plant appreciates when timely irrigation is applied, although it does not do too badly with certain periods of drought.This implies that you must establish a watering schedule that adjusts to the specific requirements of your specimen, since many factors are determining factors.

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Here the time of year is counted, the wind, the exposure to the sun and even the needs are different between plants planted in pots and in the garden. When an appropriate frequency is established, the rosemary will shine with great splendor.

How can we detect lack of irrigation in rosemary?

Rosemary is very resistant to drought since it is a type of vegetation that normally develops in xerophilous areas.

This condition prevents it from suffering inconveniences in its structure when the risks are not frequent.

In fact, it is a good plan to give it minimal amounts of water rather than deep watering which can cause waterlogging.

But, of course, if you forget to water your rosemary plant for a long time and it is not able to receive moisture in another way (such as rain), sooner or later it will die.

How often should we water rosemary?

The risks must be established based on the time of year and the environmental conditions that prevail at that time.

Another important point is to take into account the amount of water that will be applied in each cycle because that will allow determining the waiting time for a new one. In general, when the cold days are coming, the irrigations tend to be located in an average of 1 or 2 every fifteen days.

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Remember that on these dates both perspiration and evaporation are much lower, so the need for liquid also decreases. On the contrary, on summer days it is convenient to take the risks to an approximate amount of 2 weekly, depending on the conditions that you are seeing.

The good news is that if at any time you skip a watering or go out for a few days of travel, rosemary will not suffer major inconveniences.

What is the best way to water rosemary?

Drip is conceived as the ideal irrigation method for rosemary, whether it is planted in the garden or in a pot.Although the system as such is not installed, it will be possible to simulate its operation through the application of water in small doses.

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This will take a considerable time investment if done manually but in return will result in a grateful rosemary with little risk of overwatering.

In this case, the watering can will become an excellent support tool to carry out this mission conveniently. If the rosemary is in a pot, it will not be necessary to water until the water drains from below, as is recommended with other species.

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In this case, just adding a little water will be more than enough.

How do we detect excess water in rosemary?

The xerophilous plant condition of rosemary highlights the impossibility of supporting environments laden with humidity. If you miss the hand of irrigation continuously, you will cause the rosemary to lose vigor and the characteristics of its structure.

On the other hand, this is an optimal situation for fungi to develop which can kill the plant quite quickly. To prevent damage around the issue of irrigation, it is very important to select a soil with excellent drainage.

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Also, help in this work with the placement of pebbles at the base of the pot (when you have it planted like this). By complying with all these recommendations, your rosemary plant will be full of life and health for a long time. Ideal, right?

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