How to choose and decorate Pots for a Garden: Original Ideas

Very good everyone @Agrohuerters, as you may have seen on our YouTube channel, I have been working on creating a #Flowerpot for some time, because today I want to talk to you about how to choose and decorate Flowerpots for a Garden and thus tell you something better about why I have chosen that type of pots and how to decorate them with my friends @TocinoArtesano and @AitorJass.

With a few pots we can start with a #Plant garden.

How to choose a pot for plants

When choosing a pot for our garden, I opted for the most appropriate ones at an affordable price and that were easy to find… You can find simple and cheap pots in any store in the neighborhood, it is not necessary to go to nurseries or houses commercial industrial estates.

It is true that in these places they can offer us a greater range of products, different materials that are more aesthetic and perhaps cheaper, but the simple displacement is already a handicap, in addition to that we go for the simple thing, to begin with we simply want to grow in several pots…

There are many types of pots for the garden, so before buying it we have to think about:

  • What do I want to plant?
  • What material will my pot be made of?

Depending on what you want to plant, you will have to choose a pot with a sufficient depth to be able to add an adequate volume of substrate and so that the crop develops correctly.

The type of material is important for the comfort of our plant, some materials are more insulating or simply the container already has a drainage system…

The price of materials also influences, you can buy new planters or recycle plastic containers, or other materials, to create new containers…

How to decorate a pot: Ideas

Decorating pots to grow a vegetable garden may seem unimportant, but we will give our future # Plantergarden a touch of color that can both combine with our vegetables and attract beneficial insects. In addition, we will always have a pleasant time decorating pots with friends or the little ones in the house.

There are loads of ideas to decorate a pot, I will leave you a few so that you can choose the one that works best for you depending on the materials you have at home and your skill when decorating, remember that if it is not very high you can always ask help a more skillful friend with the brushes

Decorate pots with sprays, aerosols

The paint pots are affordable and easy to use, they also offer a good finish since in a short time we can color the entire pot, they are ideal for plastic materials as they adhere quickly to their surface. You can always combine colors or download templates from the internet, stencils, to create different shapes and motifs.

I recommend that you apply them with a minimum distance, in an open space and that you buy sprays at graffiti shops, they are less cumbersome to use than common sprays. By having a better nozzle, the diffusion of the paint is more uniform and it will not drip staining your hands.

There are many designs to decorate your pots easily. Source: Google images

Decorate pots with acrylic paint

Acrylic paints behave well against water and light, which is why they are ideal for decorating pots that are going to be outdoors. They offer a very fine finish when applied with a brush, being able to create designs with many details.

They can be used diluted in water or mixed together to get different colors, so you do not need to buy many paints. A piece of advice when decorating pots, it is better to give a layer of spray paint beforehand and on top of it start with the details in acrylic paint, otherwise you could not paint it forever.

Decorate pots with markers

The variety of materials offered by the containers to grow means that in some we can use markers. This is the case with clay or terracotta, since the paint slips on plastic, offering a poor finish. You can play with your colors and the bottom of the pot to get different designs, what I do not recommend is that you paint with markers on a spray background, since many times the spray will not allow the color of the marker to be appreciated.

Decorate pots with other materials

If you want to get away from the traditional paintings, you can decorate pots with white glue and sticking whatever you can think of on top, from macaroni to river sand, you can get very curious results… Be careful with rainwater or the irrigation itself, since the materials could come unstuck, so try to fix them well at first.

Useful tips for decorating pots

When decorating pots for an orchard we are exposing them to changes in temperature, the sun, rainwater and even that of drip irrigation itself, so it is advisable to apply a varnish to preserve the decoration so that our decorated pot lasts a long time.. Whatever the type of material or paint you have chosen, I recommend spray varnish, you can find them in specialized DIY or urban art stores, they are also not expensive and offer a very good finish.

Finally, I leave you here a video of our Agrohuerto channel where you can get new ideas:

I hope you find the tips useful and enjoy decorating pots, greetings from Agrohuerters.

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