How to make a flower pot step by step: Complete guide

Very good to all Agrohuerters. I’ve been preparing a new series for our Agrohuerto TV channel for some time, how to create a flowerpot, it was a secret but I can’t help but tell you some things so that you can also start with yours.

Here we see a little of the first pots of the MacetoHuerto still under construction.

I have poured a lot of enthusiasm and energy into this flower pot, because my main goal is for you to see how easy it is to have your plants at home, how much fun it is for the little ones, and how cool your pots can be with a little effort. So without further ado I begin to tell you the most basic steps to create your Flowerpot:

How to choose the location of the flowerpot

It is not necessary to have a very large terrace to start with a flower pot, you can do it on a small balcony or a window sill if there is enough space to place a pot. What is important is that the space is sunny and if the air can flow better. The best orientation would be the South-East, but this is just a fact, it is best to observe a little in which area the sun shines the most and place your pots there, taking great care of watering when the sun shines, especially in cities.

How to choose pots for the flowerpot

To create Macetohuerto, pots are key, here you have a thousand options, you can buy clay or plastic pots anywhere, but you can also grow in plastic bags, fruit crates or recycled bottles… I am going to try to do a little of everything and I’m going to teach it to you. What you do have to take into account is the depth and diameter of the pot for the different crops:

Horizontal pots, planter type, longer than wide, usually have a depth of about 40 cm. These pots are ideal for planting root species or bulbs. Carrots, onions, spring onions, celery, radishes… All these species will go great in this type of pot.

In my case I have used white plastic pots, this type of pots normally do not come with holes to favor drainage, so I made them with a drill, it will not take more than 5 minutes. Once I had the drainage ready, my friend AitorJass, tattoo artist, artist and better person, decorated the pot with a gradient of different colors imitating mud, with this we get the pot to absorb a little more heat, the white reflects a lot of the sun and we give the flowerpot a very aesthetic touch.

Painted white plastic pots. Garden type. On the white face you can see the holes for drainage.

Pots for horticultural plants

For traditional garden crops, tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, etc… I recommend using clay pots about 30 cm in diameter. In this type of pots, two plants will fit well without any problem. These types of pots usually come with a hole at the bottom so you won’t have to use any tools to promote drainage.

Once again my friend AitorJass decorated the pots, creating in a very original tribal forms and a spectacular drawing entitled: «The Agrohuerto child», which shows an African baby son of mother earth, a symbol of all the Agrohuerters that we are beginning to experiment with this of the orchards.

Pink pot with eggplants. Thanks to AitorJass.

The substrates for the flowerpot

The substrate is the easiest part of the flowerpot. Potted crops require a substrate rich in organic matter, with nutrients and disinfected, so move around a bit to get good soil in a nursery or seedbed.

Never, but never completely use cheap soil from the “all for one” because it is of very poor quality, it hardly allows free drainage of water and is often poorly disinfected, so it can be a carrier of fly eggs white or other pests and diseases.

I have personally bought it and am doing an experiment, some pots have completely good soil and other mixtures in different strata of good and bad. When I draw conclusions I will tell you.

What to plant in a potted garden

When planting in our flowerpot:

It is always advisable to place gravel, stones or something similar at the bottom of the pot to facilitate drainage. Then take your good soil and crumble each handful by hand before pouring it into the container. The bags of substrate are usually very flattened and thus you will save on soil by occupying more volume of the pot.

Then plant what you want, you can make a seedbed before or buy the seedlings, as I said before you have a thousand combinations, remember to cover the seed or seedling with a little more soil and give them plenty of water.

Varied care of the flowerpot

Normally on the terraces of the city it is very hot, the ground absorbs a lot of radiation and our plants may dry out quickly, try to be careful to water your plants in the least hot hours of the day, the first hour before going to work or before have dinner, if you see that the plants are still a bit wilted, water a couple of times a day or place the pots in places that get less sun.

You can place a drip irrigation between the pots if you have a water intake on the terrace, you are going to put a lot of plants and you plan to go on vacation, if not for the first pots it is not necessary to make that outlay…

Little more, this is only the first stone of the AgroMacetoHuerto, I hope to include many more pots of other materials, other artists and write other posts to tell you about pest control, pruning and the progress that I see. Encourage you to have your pot that is very easy and anything, idea, suggestion, question, comment on it!

All the best

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