How to choose Christmas tree

Knowing how to choose a Christmas tree is one of the recurring doubts every year. And it’s perfectly logical. The Christmas tree is, without a doubt, the absolute protagonist of this time of year. Not only is it an almost universal icon of these dates in all corners of the world: it also becomes an essential element to breathe that Christmas atmosphere that seems to color everything with lights and magic.

Far from any prejudice, the truth is that the Christmas tree has much more tradition than we think. If we thought that its presence is part of the most recent modernity of these dates, we could not be more confused. The custom of the Christmas tree dates back to no less than the 8th century AD A time when, according to legend, a religious of the time encouraged the community of neighbors to decorate their homes at Christmas with fir branches as a symbol of love and peace.

Leaving aside where our tradition comes from, the truth is that knowing how to choose a Christmas tree is essential for many reasons. And nothing like knowing them a little more in detail to make the right decision.


Choosing a Christmas tree cannot be done lightly. In fact, the ideal is that we ask ourselves a good number of questions before deciding on the final choice. Because, although we think that there is only one way to interpret this icon, it is not really like that. The range of options is wide and it is even possible to find one that meets our tastes and needs.

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Each house is a world and, therefore, has its own peculiarities. A compelling reason to spend some time on a task that, although it may seem routine, is decisive.

1. Natural or artificial Christmas trees, the starting point for choosing a Christmas tree

A Christmas tree can have two very different locations: inside our house or outside. The specific conditions of each of them inevitably mark our choice.

If we review the care of the natural Christmas fir, we will remember that it is bad to be inside our house. On the other hand, if the destination of this Christmas element is abroad, we will have to bet on a firm and resistant one to withstand inclement weather.

2. Slim or rounded, a fundamental aspect

We are not referring to how to choose the Christmas tree between natural or artificial. We mean, actually, in the form of the fir tree. A detail based above all on aesthetic criteria, and on what is the most attractive aspect of the Christmas tree for us.

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The artificial fir trees are inspired by the different types of natural Christmas trees. And it couldn’t be better for us! Thanks to this, even if we choose artificial Christmas fir trees, we will be able to enjoy all that variety of shapes that characterize natural fir trees.

Good height and slender, shorter but with more volume, leafy or with less populated branches to leave room for decoration… choosing the Christmas tree will depend on our tastes and preferences.

3. Small or large Christmas tree, the essential detail

Something that we do not usually take into account but that is fundamental. Before choosing a Christmas tree or another, it is important that we know how much space we have. We are not only referring to the height: we are referring, above all, to the diameter.

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Although the Christmas tree is an essential element of the season, we have to manage to integrate it into our decoration. Its dimensions cannot hinder the passage or turn the fir into an annoying element. Therefore, even if we have to opt for a smaller one, it is important to take this detail into account. What’s more: if we opt for natural firs, there is another factor to consider. We have to keep it away from any artificial heat source.

If we do not have space, we can always consider opting for a small Christmas tree to place on an accessory piece of furniture. Table-top fir trees give an ideal touch to any interior, but for this reason they should never become a hindrance. No one wants to spend every holiday picking and harvesting the tree.

4. Green or in color, the last aspect to consider

Although, by default, we think that a Christmas tree is simply green, the thing has its crumb. In the world of natural fir trees, the range of colors is so wide that it is possible to enjoy a Christmas tree, even in bluish tones.

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But if we opt for artificial trees, the range of tones is considerably expanded. Or, rather, the finishes. Because not only can we choose from the range of colors inspired by nature. In addition, we can also opt for trees with frost, decorated with pineapples or holly; or even completely white.

After seeing our tips, do you already know which Christmas tree to buy?

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