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Cacti are amazing plants that have developed a very special way of life within their original environment.

They manage to store water inside them so that the heat that develops in these xerophilic environments becomes bearable.

But if you are going to have one at home, the most logical thing is that you want to fill it with pampering so that it is in optimal conditions every day.

It is necessary to know about the subject of cactus fertilizer and everything that this process implies. And since we don’t want to leave you alone throughout this journey, here we will tell you the most relevant data.

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Why is it important to fertilize cacti?

Due to the environment where cacti grow, the misconception that they do not need care is often created, which is a serious mistake. These plants store water that helps them stay alive.

However, compost is essential for proper growth and development.

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The reasons stem from two fundamental issues. The first is the normal and daily consumption of nutrients that the cactus often performs. The second is that the irrigation process establishes a washing of the land that makes the nutrient particles come off.

And it is also interesting to pay to ensure that the cactus offers an exquisite bloom during the spring.

How often should we pay the cacti?

Cacti should be fertilized when they are in a period of growth and internal activity, which is paralyzed during the winter.

For this reason, it is common that it is recommended that the subscribers be made in the period from spring to summer at a fortnightly rate.

It is possible that in autumn it is also a good plan to fertilize so that it is well strengthened before the onset of winter, but in this case it all depends.

And the dependency is around the weather, since in very cold areas where early frosts occur during the fall, it is better not to keep the subscribers.

What nutrients do cacti need?

Cacti need all the nutrients that we already know for normal plant life, although they have more specific requirements depending on the season. When it has just started its development, nitrogen (N) will help it grow more vigorously and the process will be faster.

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Days before flowering begins, the orientation is to offer a greater amount of potassium (K), since it helps to develop more flower buds. In the other stages, the cactus stops being so demanding of a single specific nutrient, so it is better to bet on balanced fertilizers.

What kind of fertilizers do cacti need?

Cacti have very specific requirements regarding the fertilizer to use. Some people argue that organic matter is the best, others disapprove. The main reason is that cacti do not get organic matter in their natural environment, so their roots are not adapted to process it.

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Of course, if any kind of organic matter is used, the cactus will be able to take advantage of it to some extent, but more slowly. Instead, there are fertilizers for commercial sale that are specially designed for them and that come in granular, powder or liquid presentations.

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The roots of the cacti will be able to absorb these resources more easily, which will directly impact the health of your specimen. The only detail will be oriented to use, since being manufactured products it is necessary to comply to the letter with the instructions of the brand that manufactured it.

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Otherwise, inconveniences such as overfeeding of the plant may be caused, which is also not beneficial.

How do we prepare fertilizer for cacti?

The preparation will depend directly on the type of fertilizer to be used. When it comes to organic fertilizers, it is normal to prepare the substrate beforehand.

This will help the newly born roots of the cactus get a good space to settle and start consuming resources at once.

Later, the payment can be made in reduced amounts to allow you to obtain what you need.

If you work with a commercial fertilizer that is soluble in water, the preparation process will consist of diluting a portion in a certain amount of water.

These measurements must be kept in exact relation to what the manufacturer indicates in the instructions to avoid inconveniences. Afterwards, you will only have to apply in conjunction with the irrigation water in the corresponding period.

In this case, it is better that the irrigations are carried out directly at the base of the plant, since it will not be able to absorb nutrients from any other area.

How do we detect if cacti need fertilizer?

To know if the cacti need fertilizer, it is essential to look closely at the changes that are manifesting throughout the days.If you notice it flaccid, brittle, with little color or that it does not even emit flowers despite being in full season, it is possible that it is in need of fertilizer.

In this case, the response process is quite fast and as soon as you apply a layer of nutrients, the cactus will begin to improve. Make sure that it is well nourished also if you detect any pest or disease in the garden that could affect the cactus.

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Remember that a plant is capable of offering resistance on its own, but only when it has an appropriate level of nutrients for this purpose. No one can deny that cacti are hardy plants with a very good internal functioning system.

This helps keep your life enjoyable and the damage rate for any reason quite low. Given the possibility of a negative effect due to a lack of nutrients, it is better to keep up to date when it comes to composting cacti.

And here we have already left you all the information you need to get started from now on.

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