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The laurel is an aromatic plant, frequently used in the kitchen and that can grow very well in almost any condition.

In fact, in its natural habitat, the laurel is able to grow wild without any care because it is truly adaptable.

The subscribers in this case are not very demanding due to the conditions that we already explained in the previous paragraph.

But if you want to have a plant for consumption or for ornamental use and give it a lot of care, here we will tell you how to do it. Let’s see it.

Why is it important to pay the laurel?

The idea of ​​fertilizing the laurel is to allow it to grow very strong, with dense foliage, nourished and showing signs of being totally healthy.These conditions will help ensure that the consumption of the plant in the kitchen covers all the values ​​of flavor and aroma that are typical of the species.

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But it will also help the plant fulfill its ornamental role, which is so striking, despite the fact that it is not a plant that produces very spectacular flowers. At the end of the winter period, the supply of nitrogen will influence the plant to recover its structure more quickly.

And in the field of pests and diseases, the fertilizer provides greater resistance, helping to prevent them from falling victim to annoying invaders. One last reason is to help the laurels recover their structure after the pruning that you will surely have applied in late autumn.

How often should we pay the laurels?

The fertilizer of the laurels does not have to become a frequent job, since it will only occupy the warm times of the year: spring and summer.

And even in these seasons, the frequency is hardly offered in a bi-monthly subscription. If you are going to pay monthly, let it be only during the spring.

This is due to the fact that it is at this time that the laurels begin to form their foliage after the winter stoppage and a timely fertilization will help them advance more quickly.

In any case, you should assess the state of your plants, since each one will have its own requirements. For example, it is necessary to study the characteristics of the substrate, the age of the plant and the stage in which it is found.

The subscriber for a young plant that is facing its first spring will not be the same as a plant that comes from a winter lethargy.

What nutrients do laurels need?

The main nutritional needs of laurels are oriented above all to nitrogen (N) because it is what will allow them to grow permanently. Of course, do not forget that the fertilizer you are going to apply also contains some level of potassium (K) and phosphorus (P) so that everything is well balanced.

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Micronutrients are key for the plant to be really healthy. When one of them fails, it can even impair the absorption process of macronutrients.One of the nutrients most demanded by this specific species is iron (Fe), which you can supply through iron chelates.

What kind of fertilizers do bay trees need?

The best fertilizers to facilitate the nutrition of laurels are the liquid version that you have the opportunity to apply together with the irrigation water.

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These, in addition to easily penetrating the soil, are absorbed by the roots as they absorb normal water, which improves their functionality. The important thing is to ensure that their composition has a higher level of nitrogen.

Organic fertilizers that you make at home, such as compost, can help nourish the soil, which will allow the laurels to take advantage of it too.

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In this case, homemade organic matter such as compost is rich in nitrogen and also contains many other nutrients, so you will make up for all the needs in one go.

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And if you have an amount of money to invest, there are special fertilizers for bay trees on the market that will provide specific nutrients.

How do we prepare fertilizer for laurels?

When you use fertilizers purchased in agricultural stores, the preparation must be ensured according to the instructions given by the manufacturer.

The most advisable thing is to bet on reducing the suggested concentration a little to assess in the first instance the behavior of the plant and its response to the nutritional contribution.

If you consider a positive result, keep that same application system. In case you need a little more values, act accordingly. The contribution of homemade organic fertilizers, on the other hand, you will have to execute taking care that these are incorporated into the environment of the plant, not directly on it.

The reason is that the high nitrogen content of most organic homemade fertilizers could cause root burn.If you work with specific fertilizers for bay trees, the work will be much more beneficial because it has the exact content required.

Just take into account that you comply with the factory regulations so that you do not generate an excess of nutrients that will end up affecting your plant.

How do we detect if the bay trees need fertilizer?

A slow growth of the laurel plant is considered the main sign that it is necessary to apply fertilizers to improve this condition. It is necessary that you also take into account other situations such as the leaves turning yellow (and not due to excessive watering) or they are deformed.

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Sometimes laurels can suffer from a condition called iron chlorosis and that is generated by a deficit in iron levels. The laurel fertilizer is a job that will help you to have plants in better conditions, especially when they are in a climate contrary to the one they prefer, which is the Mediterranean.

Planning for this care won’t cause you much of a problem because you hardly have to pay attention to it. Of course, you must have it well thought out so that you do not forget, since due to its infrequency it is something very possible that it happens. And that is something that nobody wants, do you agree?

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