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The harvest of delicious and abundant green beans in the home garden will no longer be a utopia for you.

With the right green bean composting plan, this process that might have seemed complicated before can now be done with little effort.

How? With the application of the subscriber strategies that we are going to share with you in the following lines. So do not lose sight of a single detail because with this data you will have this process more than mastered. Shall we see it?

Why is it important to fertilize green beans?

The reason that most motivates growers to work with green bean fertilizer is to improve the conditions that the plant, its flowers and the fruits will have to harvest. This implies an increase in the quantity of fruits and also in their quality, ensuring a valuable content in each one of the pods.

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The good news is that green beans are crops with positive nutritional characteristics, as they help fix nitrogen found in the environment. This means that any nutritional contribution you make will be positive for both them and the plants that are in their environment.

And if we talk about health, well-nourished green beans will be much healthier than ones that do not have this benefit.

How often should we pay green beans?

The fertilization process to increase production will begin when the plant is already generating its first flowers.

From there, you will apply the fertilizer every fifteen days together with the irrigation water that corresponds to you.

This is for specific subscriptions that help in this process and which we will talk about next.

In the case of the special subscribers of the year, it is best that you execute them at the beginning of spring and mid-autumn, so that the plant is always well strengthened.

What nutrients do green beans need?

To achieve good results in the cultivation of green beans, it is necessary to have the appropriate doses of nitrogen (N), potassium (K) and phosphorus (P). Nitrogen, in the first instance, is essential for the plant to develop and increase its foliage conveniently.

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This will stimulate the process of photosynthesis and, therefore, the most optimal execution of all the other activities involved. Potassium and phosphorus, for their part, are guarantors that these new structures have sufficient strength and that they can support the following processes, such as flowering and the birth of the pods.

Microelements also play a fundamental role in the cultivation of green beans, especially boron, which is what causes the buttons not to decay.

What kind of fertilizers do green beans need?

With green beans you can use different types of fertilizer, although the most beneficial is usually the one that is special for tomato plants.Although there are no specific fertilizers for green beans, the nutritional needs of tomato plants are similar, so they can be used very well.

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NPK fertilizers that have higher potassium levels adjust very well to the crop’s requirements when the flowering process begins. You can get these in a granulated, liquid or powder version so that you can apply it as you see the needs.

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In case of nutritional deficiencies, it will be necessary to work with specific fertilizers for the case, such as iron chelates. Homemade organic fertilizers will be useful to improve soil conditions before planting the plants and also before the leaves fall.

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How do we prepare compost for green beans?

The preparation of the fertilizers will be adjusted to the type you choose because each one has a different process.

For all those that you have bought in stores, whether they are soluble or not, the procedure is similar: follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

This simple action is what will prevent you from going through problems around plant feeding, especially due to excess nutrients, which is the most frequent.

When in doubt, it is better to start with lower doses than those mentioned, gradually increasing them according to the results you are seeing.

Now, homemade organic fertilizers used at very specific times, you must organize them to improve the structure of the earth. This means that it is not recommended that you pay directly on the base of the plant, but that you add the fertilizer in the immediate vicinity.

The roots by themselves will be able to search, reach and absorb what they need without many complications.

How do we detect if green beans need fertilizer?

Every time the green beans show a nutrient deficiency, you will have to act accordingly by applying the corresponding fertilizer. To help decipher these moments, the most appropriate thing is to determine the symptoms that are common in these cases and that include:

  1. The change of color of the leaves, going from green to yellow or, also, the appearance of necrosis. All this can be related to failures in the level of nitrogen.
  2. The appearance of yellow spots and deformity of the edges of the leaves will be related to potassium deficiency.
  3. Weak structures, small leaves, barely contained pods, poor flowering and premature defoliation are common characteristics of low phosphorus levels.
  4. Leaves that turn yellow and have necrotic spots on their surface, just as the flowering process is about to begin, is related to low magnesium levels.

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The correctly applied fertilizer process for green beans will ensure a healthy, vigorous crop that will be capable of offering a large harvest. In all this it is important to anticipate that two crops do not have to present the same needs, so you must assess your particular case.

Ideally, you should know the characteristics of the soil, but if you don’t have this information, make sure you supply the fertilizer progressively. In this way, you will have the opportunity to respond to any difficulty and help your plant at the exact moment it needs it.

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