How to grow Strawberries and Strawberries: planting, care, harvest and more

Hi Farmers! After the post on how to make strawberry seedbeds, today we publish another on how to grow strawberries: what do these plants need and what problems can we encounter, such as the most common pests and diseases.

Grow strawberries: Needs and care

Next we are going to explain the cultivation of strawberries and strawberries, specifically what are the main characteristics of these plants and what special care they need.

How to plant strawberry and strawberry

Strawberries and strawberries produce stolons, these are lateral shoots that are born parallel to the ground, they can produce new plants and become large. For all this, it is necessary to foresee a separation between plants of about 30 cm and between rows of plants 40-50 cm. If we want to plant in a flowerpot, it is advisable to have a large and deep planter.

How to pay strawberries or strawberries

Tianze farm. Cultivation of strawberries in a greenhouse

The cultivation of strawberries and strawberries is demanding in terms of subscribers, the ideal in organic farming is to use earthworm humus. You have to be careful not to pay too much because the plant could soon get sick. Fertilizing before transplanting is highly recommended.

How to water strawberries

They are very important especially in the early stages of crop development. It is necessary that the plants have enough water, as this will make them take root better. The ideal is the use of the drip irrigation system since the amount of water supplied to each plant is better controlled.

Optimum temperature for growing strawberries and strawberries

The strawberry and the strawberry, although they originate in Europe, adapt without problems to almost all types of climates. It develops very well in partial shade and in sunny areas. Optimal growth temperature is between 23-25 ​​ºC.

Most of the varieties need to go cold in winter to be able to give good production. During the fruit setting, above all, they need temperatures of more than 13ºC, because otherwise there is a risk that the deformed fruits may come out.

What land or substrate to use to grow strawberries and strawberries

These plants prefer loose soils, and if they are clay soils that are very well drained, since they do not support waterlogging, they can die quickly. They are also very sensitive to salinity, so it should be controlled, above all you have to be preventive and not exceed the amounts in the subscriber.

The optimal pH for growing strawberries and strawberries is around 5.5-6.5. Strawberries in particular are more demanding as they cannot tolerate calcareous or very low pH soils, because they can immediately suffer from chlorosis (for which iron chelates can be used).

How to make a strawberry quilt

Mulching is a widely used technique in the cultivation of strawberries and strawberries, especially if the crop is installed on the ground in this way the fruits are clean and the temperature of the land is maintained.

We can also use it in the flowerpot, but in this case it is advisable to use white plastic, since the flowerpots heat up faster, due to their small size.

How to prune strawberries or strawberries

The plant goes into vegetative rest in the winter months, and during this period a pruning will be done in which the old leaves and remains of stolons will be removed. In this way it is favored that the fruits for the next season are larger. Other more regular pruning that is usually carried out is the removal of stolons that can get in the way, or that have such a large growth that it becomes harmful to the plant; this especially for garden crops.

Strawberry plants multiply by stolons

Pests and diseases of strawberries and strawberries

Most common pests and diseases when growing strawberries and strawberries in the orchard:

flower thrips

Thrips produce small whitish spots on the leaves of strawberries. The fruits will come out deformed.

red spider on strawberry

The most important symptom of the red spider is the yellowish discoloration that can become coppery and ends up in the drying of the leaves and later the death of the plant, it is very important to prevent this plague.

aphid attacks

Aphids in strawberries cause the leaves to curl and turn yellow, it is a very easy pest to identify because these insects are often seen.


The weevils mainly attack the root system of strawberries, causing it to wither due to the galleries made by these insects.

Strawberry foot mildew: (Phytoctora captorum)

This fungus can be diagnosed because the central area of ​​the plant stem turns brown. The mildew, being a fungus that causes it, the greatest attacks will be in hot weather.

caterpillar on strawberry

powdery mildew

Powdery mildew is a fungus that appears more frequently in autumn, it is recognized because the leaves appear bent around their central nerve and it is seen as a kind of whitish powder that covers the leaf.

fruit rot

By various fungi, mainly because it is a creeping plant.

caterpillars and snails

Above all they are common in plantations on land; it is convenient to keep them away since they usually eat any part of the plant and leave their droppings.

I hope this post on how to grow strawberries has been useful to you. If you follow all the above instructions, you will have a beautiful and productive strawberry crop, tell us in comments how your crop is going. Until next time Agrohuerters!

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