How to organize your vacation watering

Planning vacation watering is one of the usual headaches for plant lovers in summer. And it is logical. We are absent from home and that means that both our indoor and outdoor plants are left unattended at the most demanding time of the year. Something that, many times, becomes a real annoyance when we return home. And it is that, despite the fact that many plants can be recovered, the most common thing is that most of us have to give them up for lost.

Precisely to save ourselves this trouble, it is interesting to know the different types of holiday irrigation that we have at our disposal. It is a system that adapts both to our needs and to the possible different locations of our plants.


It is clear that, with us at home, the types of irrigation systems that we have within our reach open up a huge range of options. However, most of them require our hand to be able to run, with the exceptions of garden, buried or drip irrigation, which include timers. For these reasons, it is a common mistake to think that only the lawn or pots with specific irrigation facilities can self-hydrate without our help when we are not there.

And anything farter from the reality! Precisely to break this myth, today we present some types of easy-to-install holiday irrigation that will help us keep our plants alive despite our absence. And, what is more interesting, we are going to discover them from less autonomy time to more.

1. Irrigation cones

Individual watering cones are perfect for short vacations. Discover this nice product here

It is one of the most traditional systems, but no less effective for that. Thanks to the porosity of the clay, the irrigation cones will allow us to provide water deposits to our pots or planters.

Although it is one of the oldest irrigation systems that exist, we can use them in different formats of irrigation cones:

– First of all, we highlight the individual cone dispensers that have the disadvantage of a low water capacity, so they will only be perfect if we are going to be away from home for two or three days.

Automatic dispensers: in this case it will only be necessary to have a nearby water container placed in a way that allows them to be fed.

– Finally, we point out the dispensers that we can place attached to a bottle and that have a maximum autonomy of one week.

2. Irrigation gel

A simple and comfortable system. You can see this product here in our online store

The irrigation gel is perfect to use in pots or planters without too much complication, since they will only require us to open them and place them on the substrate. Thanks to their composition, they will progressively release their moisture when the soil is dry. What we do have to take into account is that these systems have a maximum life of 30 days, something important if we are going to be away from home for longer.

3. Drip irrigation

Easier to install than it seems and perfect for saving water. An easy installation kit that you can see here

Drip irrigation is much easier to install than we may think! And if this is already quite attractive, it is even more so knowing that it will also help us optimize our water consumption. Far from appearances, these drip irrigation kits have everything necessary so that we can install it ourselves without complications (it includes a programmer, so that we can choose the irrigation guidelines) and with a single requirement: to be able to connect it to a nearby faucet.

These three simple systems are within everyone’s reach and are ideal for preventing your plants from spoiling in your absence. In case you have any questions about how they are used or which is the one that best suits your home, do not miss these two minutes of video in which our colleague Fran de Verdecora Alcalá de Henares explains the pros and cons of each type irrigation:

If you have any questions about which is the best holiday irrigation system, do not hesitate to approach any of our centers: we will be happy to advise you on the best way to choose the ideal one for your home and to enjoy the summer without worrying about your plants !

Learn about all the holiday irrigation options here> Holiday irrigation

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