How to plan the garden during the year: from April to September

Hello everyone, in this second part we will continue the tasks that we have to carry out in the garden during the year. In the first article on the cultivation of the garden from October to March I remind you that we were looking at the months that go from October to March. During this time, we will prepare the land by fertilizing and plowing it optimally so that once spring arrives, it is in perfect condition for use. We must give a certain rest to the land so that it recovers the necessary nutrients to be able to cultivate again.

Orchard in April –

In this second part, I would like to recommend that you read the article PLANNING THE GARDEN: CROP ROTATION so that you can take into account how you can rotate.

To the mess!

How to plan the garden from April to September

The orchard in April

«Spring alters blood»

The month in which the flowers bloom is the fundamental month for our garden. As you already know, this month we will make all the planning that began three months ago come true. We will create the terraces with the vegetables that we want and we can prepare the tutors in those lines where we will plant climbers such as beans.

We must also be careful with fungi and ears. The increase in rainfall and the increase in temperature favor the appearance of these organisms that can lead to losses for our orchard. I recommend that you fumigate with nettle purin.

If you have aromatics such as mint, peppermint, lemon balm and oregano, it is also a good month so that you can do a little on the lower part of the plant.

The orchard in May

We are already beginning to see the first traces of our plants, so it is the right time to start installing our drip irrigation, as long as you plan to install it Regarding the installation, we recommend that you put a dripper next to the plant and be responsible with the use of water. Remember that it is a limited resource and with an irrigation in the morning or in the evening during the beginning of the plant and then an irrigation in the morning and another in the evening during the maturation period is sufficient.

During this month, you can start planting vegetables such as peppers, aubergines or tomatoes that you still had planted in the greenhouse. Also direct sowing plants such as beans, courgettes, melons….

Surely plants like carrots, broad beans or strawberries, you can pick them.

Of course, May is a month where the heat begins although it continues to rain, continue applying preventive measures to avoid the arrival of pests or diseases.

The orchard in June

We continue to advance in the year, and at the end of this month the hottest season of the year will begin, summer.

In June, you will be able to harvest the onions that we planted months ago. In order to eat the onion, it is appropriate to pull it out when it begins to appear on the ground. Then, let them dry for a few days to taste them.

Freshly harvested onions, still with roots and leaves

In June too, we have to be smart and observant. I mean that in this month, the demand for water by our crops will be greater and cracks may begin to be seen in the rows. We can carefully scratch these areas to make better use of the water. Also, due to the demand for water, the appearance of weeds is normal, pull them out of the furrows to prevent them from taking advantage of the resources that we are giving to our garden.

The orchard in July

From now on, the months will be similar, although each week we will harvest a different crop. More or less, if we follow the order that we have been explaining, in July we will be able to harvest our beans, potatoes and garlic.

It is a month in which we can start sowing cauliflower and cabbage in the seedbeds and then plant them in August-September.

In tomatoes, you can pinch the terminal apices of the plants to prevent them from increasing in length. In this way, the plant will produce only in the lower parts where there is more energy. Apply only in case you see that a tomato plant is expanding too much. Here is a video that may help you:

The orchard in August

We continue collecting, and in this month you can start eating courgettes and melons that you have planted. At the end of August you will be able to pick your tomatoes, peppers and aubergines. In these last two, you can apply the same trimming that I have told you before in the tomatoes.

Harvest ready to be distributed

Garden care is necessary, although sometimes I don’t talk about it, and something you can do is check the irrigation system. Take a look at the drippers to see that they have not been clogged with dirt or lime.

The orchard in September

In this last month, we will collect everything we have produced and store it properly. Be careful with the storage of the products ! Store them in a cool, dry and dark place to safeguard most of their properties and increase their durability.

As you collect the garden, the irrigation system will also be something that you must dismantle, as well as the stakes that you will have used in the cultivation of tomatoes, beans…

Well guys, because with this month we end the year. I hope you liked this overview of the garden during the year.

A hug

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