Hypericum, care of St. John’s Wort

It is one of the most grateful and beautiful bushes that exist. It is not only decorative: in addition, the Hypericum and its care make it extremely easy to enjoy it in our garden or terrace. And it is that, although the ground is the best planting place, it also supports cultivation in a good-sized pot. But yes: you have to know that, in this type of container, the growth of our bush will be significantly smaller than if it can spread its roots deep.

Rustic in character, one of the main attractions of Hypericum or St. John’s Wort is not only the arrangement of its intense green leaves. What makes this plant essential is precisely its flowering. Yellow in color and with a marked crown of stamens, it stands out significantly in its characteristic thin and woody stems with abundant foliage. And not only is she beautiful, to the point that she is also nicknamed Rosa de San Juan. It is also generous since, from June to even the beginning of October, it is possible to enjoy it continuously.

So let’s get to know the Hypericum and its care in depth. A perfect candidate if we are considering how to make a Mediterranean garden or if we are looking for resistant plants that demand little of us.


Before going into detail about the care of Hypericum, it is worth knowing that under this botanical name there are about 400 different varieties. An extremely wide range that shows the incredible versatility of this bush. Precisely for this reason, we can find Hypericum with vertical growth and that can measure between 50 centimeters and two meters; but, also, other varieties that develop in a creeping way and that can be perfect if we ask ourselves about the best plants for rockery.

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So let’s see what these beautiful flowering shrubs need to display all their natural beauty whether they are planted in groups or simply individually.

1. The location, the starting point in the care of the Hypericum

Although it is an undemanding plant, let’s not fool ourselves: to be able to enjoy that singular and abundant flowering, the Hypericum needs to receive a good dose of light. And no: except in very hot climates in summer, it does not have any problem with being planted in full sun.

If we have doubts about what is the right intensity for our bush, the solution is simple: nothing like finding a semi-shaded location for it. It also admits the shade although, if it is kept in this type of location, it will flower less vigorously.

2. The type of soil, essential for its correct development

In nature, Hypericum grows freely and wildly in wooded areas. Something that gives us an idea of ​​its low requirements in terms of soil characteristics: it tolerates from alkaline to clay soils.

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However, despite its versatility, there is an important detail when it comes to planting Hypericum. Regardless of the type of substrate, it is essential to enrich the soil with an organic amendment and create efficient drainage that evacuates the excess water from irrigation.

3. Irrigation, demanding care in a timely manner in summer

As we said at the beginning, in general it is an undemanding plant when it comes to irrigation. Although during the bulk of the year the risks should be scarce, moderate and only with the dry substrate; during the summer months it is essential that they are more regular.

The heat coincides with its flowering time; and it is precisely at this time of the year when we will have to try to keep the substrate always minimally moist. But beware of going over the line: it is a plant that does not tolerate waterlogging in any way.

4. The temperature, another detail to watch

Heat is not one of the Hypericum care that we have to worry about. However, we do have to be careful with the cold: although it can withstand frost, they do not feel too good when they are persistent.

5. The subscriber, a fundamental task for flowering

Fundamental if we want our bush to bloom vigorously and abundantly. The subscription of the Hypericum must be done at two specific times of the year but, also, with two very different objectives.

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In autumn, it is essential that we fertilize with an organic fertilizer that is released progressively. For this, compost, mulch or earthworm humus are perfect. However, the type of fertilizer changes substantially when it comes to spring doses: at this time of year, the ideal is a mineral fertilizer.

6. Pruning, one of the most important care for Hypericum

Correctly pruning a plant is essential for its correct development and, in the case of Hypericum, it is also crucial for its well-being.

Only by pruning in autumn, even severely, will we ensure that our bush has the strength it needs to face the cold months but also to regrow in spring.

7. Fungal diseases, the last care of Hypericum that we must know

The last of the care of the Hypericum that we must know. Although it is true that it is resistant to a good part of the pests, the same does not happen with respect to fungi. Excessive irrigation or poor drainage are the perfect breeding ground for this type of ailment to occur, which can quickly destroy our plant.

Undemanding, hardy and beautiful – what more can you ask for from a bush?

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