Lemon Yellow Leaf Disease: What is it and how to treat it?

Do you know what lemon yellow leaf disease is? If you have one of several citrus fruits, this article interests you.

The loss of the characteristic green in the leaves of any tree is very serious and it is necessary to know why it occurs in order to combat it.

Among the possibilities of its occurrence, the lemon tree yellow leaves disease is one of the most frequent.

So if you have one at home and you are worried about the color of its leaves, take heart because here you will find the solution.

What is lemon yellow leaf disease?

The lemon tree yellow leaves disease is a state that occurs in this species when it loses the green that it should have.

In most cases, the condition is noticed in the colder seasons, being an abnormal behavior.

Why does a lemon tree have yellow leaves?

The reasons that lead a lemon tree to suffer from yellow leaves are varied, but the most common is oriented to the lack of nutrients.

This may be because a proper fertilization plan has not been followed or it is losing its strength through the roots.

It is important to emphasize that the disease does not only occur when the plant has yellow leaves, it also affects when a pale green is noted.

How to detect it?

The detection of yellow leaves is something that will be easily noticed with the naked eye. However, there are different areas where it could manifest.

The first is in the total structure of the leaf, turning light green or yellow as we have already mentioned.

Other cases affect the structure of the leaves but the veins remain green.

Less frequent but more complex cases show the presence of yellow leaves accompanied by shoots that also come out yellow.

In this case, the shoots do not develop normally, which is why this version of the disease has been called dwarfism.

The last way to detect that you have yellow leaf disease and that it is much more evident is when the entire plant becomes discolored.

This includes the leaves in the first instance and the rest of the structure below.

Due to the condition, it is one of the most complex versions and can lead the plant to die.

How do we treat yellow leaf disease?

Based on the points provided in the previous section, it can be assumed what is the reason that is leading to the condition and treat it.

In the event that the veins remain green and the rest of the leaf yellow, specialists report that it could be a lack of zinc or iron.

If the entire plant is affected and begins to turn yellow, it is most likely being over-fertilized or, alternatively, not receiving the appropriate amount of water.

Suffering from dwarfism could mean that the plant does not have good fertilization and, therefore, is not able to develop profitably.

If so, it is essential to prepare a fertilizer that includes all the necessary nutrients and apply it without delay.

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How can we prevent it?

The prevention of the lemon tree yellow leaves disease will be done by planting the tree in a suitable place and using good fertilizers.

These fertilizers must contain all the nutrients that it needs to develop properly, such as copper, iron and calcium.

In addition to this, the right amount of moisture must be provided to allow it to always be hydrated.

The most important thing of all is to always pay close attention to the development of the plant and if you notice something strange look for a solution.

From here on we will be much more aware of not making the same mistake again, but acting in a timely manner in the care of the plant.

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