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How to plant a mango seed?

Who in the world do you know who doesn’t like mangoes?It seems that it does not exist (although we cannot guarantee it), but it is not surprising because the mango is one of the most delicious fruits that we can find.

Sweet pulp, with versions of all types, usable to consume fresh, prepare dishes, juices, etc. For all the above, it is not strange that you want to have your own tree, so the only thing left to do is to start by knowing how to plant a mango seed and that is what we are going to do next.

How can I plant a mango seed?

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The seed of the mango tree will be obtained from the fruit itself. Yes, an uncomplicated process: you eat the mango and save the seed. Clever. Another alternative (if you don’t have access to fresh seed) is to buy seeds from farm stores.

Make sure you plan well where you will plant it. The mango is a tropical fruit and its development and correct fruiting will take place in a lot of sun and heat. You can have it in a greenhouse, of course, but taking care that the temperature is appropriate.

Now, consider that the effectiveness in germination will go hand in hand with the quality of the seed. Ideally, it should be fresh. You must put the seed to dry for 2 or 3 weeks, until you notice it with a hard surface.

Cut a hole in the middle part and let it dry for another week to start the inner working process. Finally, bury the seed in a pot with moist soil and wait for the seedling to begin to form.

How to germinate mango in water?

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The mango seed can be worked with a process of immersion in water. In this case, the idea is to pierce the seed to free it from the hard outer coating that we all see.

Put it in a glass container with a lid that you will fill with enough water so that the seed is covered.Cover the container and let it rest in a warm place for a whole day.

Extract the seed and let it drain a little, wrap it in absorbent paper and put it in a plastic bag. Leave a hole in the bag for oxygenation and keep the absorbent paper moist. This bag should stay in a warm place.

Since in this process the water helps the seed to germinate more quickly, you could see your seedling ready in a couple of weeks.

What time is best to plant a mango seed?

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Mango seeds are usually planted between spring and summer when the trees are productive. If you are in an area where winters are cold, you have to take the appropriate precautionary measures, as they are trees that do not tolerate low temperatures.

The ideal is to promote planting in pots, supporting you in the appropriate pruning work so that it remains small. That way, you’ll have a chance to move it indoors when the temperature starts to drop.

How to plant a mango in a pot?

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The mango seed is one of the largest that we can find in fruit trees, so it is not usual to work it in seedbeds.The pot is the ideal option here and it is where you will have to place your seed to carry out the germination process.

Work with garden soil so that the seed adapts to its future environment. Preferably add organic matter so that it is nourished.At the time of burying the seed, the soil must be moist and you must maintain this scenario in the following days, applying daily irrigation if necessary.

At a maximum of 6 weeks, the seed should already have germinated and you will be enjoying your seedling. Evaluate the growth of the roots to define the moment in which you should transplant to the garden.

Remember that the mango tree has a strong root system that reaches deep, so you must give it enough space.

What are the parts of a mango seed?

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The mango seed is oval in shape, but flattened, in most cases, with a very hard cover that is formed by the integument and the testa. Inside is the embryo that, when germinating, will result in the new plant. This embryo is made up of a large number of cotyledons.

One of the most particular characteristics of the mango seed with respect to other fruits is that it does not have endosperms. If you have already decided to plant your own mango seed, congratulations! It is a great tree that will enchant you with its shade and fruits.

For greater security throughout this process, be sure to try mangoes with different characteristics so that you can select the seed that works best for you.

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