Milk thistle, properties and benefits of this medicinal plant

Milk thistle , Silybum marianum Gaertn , a plant with medicinal benefits and properties that has traditionally been used to maintain and improve health. Milk thistle belongs to the botanical family of Asteraceae , like Cornflower , Yarrow and Tarragon . Milk thistle has purple flowers with thorns and very striking and characteristic leaves.

Milk thistle is known as the liver plant, due to the positive action it has on this organ. But we also want you to know other benefits and medicinal properties of milk thistle that are also very interesting.

The seeds, leaves and fruits of the plant are used for medicinal purposes.

Active principles and medicinal action of milk thistle

The most important active principles of this medicinal plant are silymarin and  silibinin . But it also has other flavonoids, with mucilages, histamine, phytosterols and saponosides.

Milk thistle has cholagogue, hepatoprotective, aperitif, spasmolytic, hypoglycemic, anti-haemorrhagic, diuretic, venotonic, antipyretic, digestive, stimulant and anti-inflammatory action.

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Properties and benefits of using milk thistle

milk thistle benefits This medicinal plant is traditionally used for liver conditions such as cirrhosis, hepatitis, liver failure, etc.

Milk thistle reduces symptoms derived from menopause, such as migraine.

Improves urinary tract infections such as cystitis.

Milk thistle stimulates the regeneration of hepatocytes, the cells of the liver.

It has a protective effect against the formation of tumors.

Milk thistle reduces fever due to its antipyretic action.

Its diuretic action is very interesting for cases of oliguria and fluid retention.

Milk thistle is mainly taken as an infusion and tincture.

Very useful medicinal plant to stimulate recovery in cases of flu and colds.

Milk thistle could be beneficial in preventing and inhibiting the development of prostate tumors.

Promotes blood circulation, especially in the abdominal area

Relieves seizures or spasms.

Milk thistle reduces blood sugar or glucose levels.

Very suitable for asthenia and to combat tiredness and fatigue, both physical and mental.

Relieves symptoms of seasonal allergies.

This medicinal plant is indicated for slow and heavy digestions.

It can be beneficial for irritable bowel cases.

This is general information. To find out how to take this plant, go to a health professional who can indicate a guideline according to your medical history and your particular needs.


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