Orchards in Fuenlabrada and Humanes de Madrid

Are you looking for orchards in Fuenlabrada or Humanes? Many people would like to have their own organic garden; however, the problem is that it has no place to do it. In the Community of Madrid, there are more and more private organizations and public institutions that put within our reach land to cultivate. In Agrohuerto we have already talked about several urban gardens in Madrid. Today we are going to talk about the Huertos en Fuenlabrada and Humanes de Madrid, but for those of you who do not know these towns, first we are going to see where they are located and talk a little about them:

Location of Fuenabrada (Source:

Where is Fuenlabrada?

Fuenlabrada is a Spanish city and municipality, belonging to the Autonomous Community of Madrid. Located on the outer edge of the capital’s metropolitan area, 22.5 km by road from it.

The municipality was, in 2011, the fourth in Madrid in terms of population.

It is one of the main cities in the Madrid metropolitan area, in which industry and the service sector prevail, and one of the municipalities with the youngest population in the entire national territory.

Where is Human?

Humanes de Madrid is a Spanish town in the province of Madrid belonging to the autonomous community of Madrid, located in the southern part of it.

It limits to the north with Fuenlabrada, to the east with Parla, to the south with Griñón and to the west with Moraleja de Enmedio, while it is located 23 km from Madrid capital. It has several of the largest industrial areas in the community of Madrid.

Location of Humanes de Madrid (Source:

“La Pollina” orchard in Fuenlabrada

The Community Garden of CEPAJ-La Pollina (Center for Youth Environmental Education and Participation) is an initiative of Friends of the Earth Madrid within the framework of the Agreement with the Fuenlabrada City Council.

It is on a plot of approximately 300 square meters and its objective is to share with the inhabitants of Fuenlabrada the love of organic farming in order to generate a change in attitudes and values ​​towards the environment and to become aware that food consumption can also be sustainable.

There you can find a group of people with initiative and desire to share experiences and knowledge. They offer land for cultivation, organic seeds, tools and implements for homework, as well as compost bins, cultivation tables, recycled water cistern and technical support, to be able to have your garden in the best conditions.

Orchards in Fuenlabrada and Humanes de Madrid: «La Pollina» (Source:

The different modalities of Ecological Leisure Garden that make up the project are:

  • Ecological Garden for Individual Leisure: plots of 20 square meters.
  • Collective Leisure Ecological Orchard: plots of 80 square meters that are used as orchards for exploitation for awareness and educational purposes by entities and associations.
  • Ecological Leisure Garden for people with disabilities (reduced mobility): cultivable area of ​​10 square meters adapted to be used by those who cannot make use of the plots for individual use.
  • Community Leisure Ecological Garden: plot managed and directed by CEPAJ “La Pollina” staff, to be used by people who cannot access the offer for individual use.

Users of the Leisure Gardens have access to:

  • Changing rooms and toilets for common use.
  • Tool shed: where each user can store the tools, implements and material of their property necessary to carry out the crops.
  • Facilities of common use for participants in the different projects that are developed in the center.

As it is a public orchard, it is necessary to complete an application for the authorization of the use of the orchard and meet a series of requirements:

  • Be a resident of Fuenlabrada with a minimum seniority of one year.
  • Priority is given to young people between 18 and 35 years old (60% of the plots)
  • A garden per home
  • Have 33%, in the case of plots for use by people with reduced mobility
  • In the case of plots of collective use, entities or associations of Fuenlabrada that share and assume objectives of awareness with the environment and sustainable and ecological means of cultivation and production.
Orchards in Fuenlabrada and Humanes de Madrid: CEPAJ Land – La Pollina (Source:

The Fuenlabrada City Council is committed to making the Ecological Leisure Gardens available to users duly prepared: with fertile soil and an irrigation system, space to store tools and other belongings, as well as perimeter fencing and advice to farmers for proper use of orchards.

“TUCO TUCO” orchards in Humanes de Madrid

TucuTuco focuses its activity fundamentally on the transfer of delimited spaces of rural land for the cultivation of natural orchards, and various services related to natural cultivation and its operations, such as training in the field of sustainable urban agriculture and the sale of plants and fertilizers..

Tuco Tuco directs its offer of orchards to those people who want to have a relationship with agriculture but who do not have anywhere to practice it, families who want to share this activity, those who are concerned about natural agriculture and want to learn cultivation techniques and who wish to obtain products from the garden through a natural alternative cultivation system.

Cultivation of lettuce in the Tuco Tuco orchards (Source:

The location of the orchards is easily accessible both from the road to get there by private vehicle, and by public transport, on foot or by bicycle, either from Moraleja de Enmedio, Fuenlabrada or Humanes de Madrid.

In addition to the use of the gardens, TucoTuco offers a wide range of courses and workshops related to organic farming, the environment and nature, which can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

Orchards in Fuenlabrada and Humanes de Madrid: Tuco Tucco (Source:

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