Plant and Grow Indoor Plants Like a Pro

Whether you want to create your own vegetable garden or grow some herbs at home, growing plants indoors requires knowing and understanding some basics, tips and techniques, especially if you want to do it like a pro.

For that reason, it is essential to do a little research and spend time to understand everything that is behind a practice as satisfying and interesting as this one.

Sowing vs Planting: The Same?

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In this sense, the first thing that all beginner or amateur growers should keep in mind is the difference between sowing and planting. People often use both terms synonymously, but they are not the same thing.

Planting refers to placing a plant on the ground, be it ferns or trees, for example. These plants are often young or small and allow people to better predict future outcomes.

In addition, they tend to mature faster, reducing the waiting time for the first harvest, and they tend to develop more resistance against insects and other pests, since growing in the ground makes them stronger.

On the other hand, sowing refers to the process that consists of directly placing a seed in the soil or substrate. In addition to the existence of many planting techniques, this practice gives farmers a greater variety of plants to choose from according to their criteria and preferences.

This means that you will be able to choose the plant you want without having to limit yourself to a specific one according to what is available in stores in the area where you live.

However, sowing carries more and greater risks, since the seeds must adapt to climatic factors that can be harmful, such as drought, floods or pressure from weeds.

Can you understand the difference now? You should choose your words better the next time you search the Internet for «how to plant seeds.»

The best techniques for planting plants at home

The next step to grow like a pro is to know the planting techniques that you can implement.

Generally speaking, there are two predominant options when it comes to growing plants at home.

People can choose between putting their seeds directly into the ground, using the basic technique of digging a small hole and putting the seeds in, or starting a potted crop and then transplanting it.

Choosing the best one will depend on the preferences, needs and knowledge of each person but, in any of the cases, there are certain aspects to consider.

If you know how to treat the soil and have experience, you can simply select a space in your garden and start planting.

However, for home crops, it is always advisable to start using pots with substrate and fertilizer for the flowering of the plants.

Here it is important to choose the type of planting. You can start home gardens using small pots or you can go a little further and use larger containers or beds for larger crops in simple gardens or terraces.

As mentioned, defining which is the best alternative will depend on the tastes of each person, as well as the space they have and the time they can dedicate to their garden.

Amazon flowers, is it possible at home?

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Another frequently asked question when it comes to growing at home has to do with the type of plant that growers can choose. One of the favorites are the Flowers of the Amazon.

Is it possible to grow it indoors?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. This plant is a great bet to grow at home, especially if we consider its physical characteristics and appearance, but it requires a lot of care.

Growers who want to plant Flores del Amazonas must pay close attention to climate control in greenhouses or any growing space.

This means that, since this plant needs to grow in bright environments with good air circulation, you must have a quality climate, temperature and humidity controller.

It is also essential to know how flowers are fertilized and how to know when to apply fertilizer during flowering, understand the process of pollination, fertilization and germination, among others.

Amazon Flowers can be grown directly in the ground or using pots, both indoors and outdoors. But, as explained, environmental factors must be considered.

Being a tropical plant, Amazon Flowers do not tolerate cold. In addition, although it needs to develop in a place with good light, it does not resist direct sun, so it is essential to grow it in the shade.

If you keep this in mind and acquire a good fertilizer for the flowering of the plants, you will be able to have flowers up to three times a year.

Always prevent before cure

Finally, we have prevention. A good grower knows what he can do to cure his plants, but he does not wait for the time when he must put his knowledge into practice.

In this way, the wise saying that «prevention is better than cure» also applies to plants in relation to the pests or diseases they may face.

This means that it is always convenient to use ecological products or remedies that promote the health of your crop, preventing the appearance of agents that could put your plant in danger.

The state of the soil can tell you if your plants are growing in the right conditions or not. However, there are other symptoms that you should interpret.

Wrinkled leaves in indoor crops are usually an indicator that something is not going well. This is not directly related to diseases or pests, as it may be due to excess water or fertilizer.

However, they may appear in conjunction with other signs if the plant is facing danger.

Make sure you use the right fertilizers, grow your plant in a place that allows it to adapt, and don’t forget preventative products while planting.

Take care of your plant from the beginning, following the necessary steps and measures so that it grows in a healthy environment and stays protected. Going one step ahead will help you save time, money, and hassle.

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