Protected Geographical Indication

Fruits and vegetables with Protected Geographical Indication (IGP)

The Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) is a quality regime that the European Union grants to protect agricultural and food products that have a differentiated quality.

Products bearing the IGP seal must have a reputation, a quality or a characteristic that originates from a certain geographical area, in which at least one of the production, transformation or elaboration phases is carried out.

Like the PDO Protected Designations of Origin, they usually use traditional production methods that respect the environment and carry out sustainable agriculture.

Regulation (CE) 1151/2012 on the Protected Geographical Indication

According to Regulation (EC) 1151/2012, names that describe a specific product that:

  • Be originally from a certain place, a region or a country.
  • Possessing a certain quality, reputation or other characteristic that can essentially be attributed to its geographical origin.
  • Of whose production phases, at least one takes place in the defined geographical area.

With this mention, Protected Geographical Indication (IGP), the name that identifies a product originating from a specific place is protected.

This distinction in the product facilitates the consumer’s choice. When choosing it, he knows that he is dealing with an authentic, regional product of the highest quality, all of which is guaranteed by the Regulatory Council.

Fruits and vegetables with Protected Geographical Indication

  • Purple Garlic from Las Pedroñeras
  • Artichoke from Tudela
  • Almond from Mallorca – Ametlla de Mallorca
  • Eggplant from Almagro
  • Galician Chestnut
  • Cherries from the Mountain of Alicante
  • Valencian Citrus – Cítrics Valencians<
  • Clementines from Terres de l’Ebre – Clementines from Terres de l’Ebre
  • Cauliflower from Calahorra
  • Asparagus from Navarra
  • Asturian Bean
  • Chickpea from Escacena
  • Lentil from Tierra de Campos
  • Melon from La Mancha
  • Canarian Old Potatoes
  • Bierzo Roasted Pepper
  • Canarian banana
  • Tomato from La Cañada-Níjar
  • Asparagus from Huétor-Tájar
  • Chickpea from Fuentesaúco
  • Beans from La Bañeza-León
  • Beans from El Barco de Ávila
  • Lentil from La Armuña
  • Fresno-Benavente Pepper
  • Calçot de Valls
  • Apple from Girona – Poma de Girona
  • Potatoes from Prades – Potatoes from Prades
  • Faba from Lourenza
  • Grelos from Galicia
  • Pimento da Arnoia
  • Mougan Pement
  • Oimbra Pimento
  • Pemento do Couto
  • Rioja pepper
  • Melon from Torre Pacheco-Murcia

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