Prune a Laurel: [Importance, Time, Tools, Considerations and Steps]

The laurel is a fairly strong tree that can become very leafy as long as it is properly cared for.

Its place of origin is the Mediterranean, so the perfect climate for it is between 15º and 25º C, avoiding excess cold or heat.

On the other hand, they are trees that do not require too much fertilizer, as well as little constant watering.

Its size usually varies between 5 to 10 meters in height, making it convenient to apply some planned pruning to avoid excesses. Thinking about it, today we bring you an article dedicated especially to laurel pruning, ideal for you to do the job without complications.

Why prune the laurel?

One of the main reasons for pruning laurel is to provide it with proper care so that it can last longer. Keep in mind that when plants grow a lot they tend to weaken, which you do not want to happen to your specimen.

Laurel Natural Tree 40cm Height Pot 14cm Laurus Nobilis Outdoor Live Plant

In this case, it is necessary for you to know that it is not appropriate to prune your bush beyond 1/3 of its current size to avoid causing damage. Likewise, pruning is a convenient way to make your laurel bush look much nicer and cleaner.

This is convenient if you care about the good image of your garden, but it will also allow you to get rid of dry or diseased leaves and branches.

When is it better to carry out laurel pruning?

It is recommended that the pruning of the laurel be carried out between the autumn and winter seasons, a time in which the plant usually grows less.

However, it may be advisable to wait until the end of winter in areas where it is too cold during this season.

This is because this type of bush does not heal well at very low temperatures, causing it to suffer some significant damage.

On the other hand, if the weather is favorable and the winter is mild, the laurel can be pruned during the fall without any problems.

On the other hand, it is appropriate that you make a cut to the top of the tree during the spring. This will allow the bush to produce new, healthy branches after you do the general pruning.

What tools should we use when pruning laurels?

Because it is a shrub that can grow to a certain height, it is necessary to have some special tools to prune it properly. To get started, depending on the size of the plant and its location, the use of a ladder or scaffolding may be necessary.

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This will make the cutting task much easier, preventing stretching or other injuries. In addition, it is convenient to use good-sized and clean pruning shears, which help to make exact and accurate cuts.

Altuna ALTUNA24V2-50 24V2-Two-handed pruning shears with fiber handles, 50 cm, Black/orange/grey

If there are some thick branches within the pruning plan, it is best to have a chainsaw for the cuts. This equipment can shorten the working time and prevent the tree from being damaged by bad cuts.

Oregon CS1500 – Electric Chainsaw 2400 W (smooth recoil, powerful and quiet chainsaw, corded and PowerSharp sharpening system)

Finally, it is essential to talk about safety elements such as helmets, gloves and glasses, avoiding any accident during the process.

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What considerations should we take into account when pruning laurels?

Having patience when pruning laurel is crucial to avoid causing damage to the tree that slows down or damages its recovery time. Therefore, the first thing we recommend you do is plan your cuts well, study the terrain and determine what the plan will be.

Laurel Natural Tree in Pot Small Plant Laurus Nobilis

When you are clear about this first point, it is convenient to check your tools and make sure they are clean and sharp. Likewise, it is necessary that you have a healing ointment for the thickest branches, covering them with it after the cut.

In this way, the wounds will be protected from possible bacteria that can attack the bush while it recovers from pruning.

How to prune a laurel without damaging the tree?

The first thing is to start by removing the vessels that are growing in the roots, as possible shoots of new plants. Subsequently, you must carry out a review of the stem of the bush and cut all the branches that are growing directly from it.

These branches are usually small and thin, making them easy to remove. This is done in order to have a clean and shaped tree. When you finish with the specific points, you can proceed to prune the branches that are dry, weak or sick.

Edible Laurel – Pot 17cm. – Overall height approx. 40cm. – Live plant – (Shipments only to the Peninsula)

Take care when cutting, as many branches are strong and can be difficult to remove from their place. Always use the appropriate tool according to the type of cut and the thickness of the branch. This will prevent possible accidents and damage to the plant. When the time is right, give him a fertilization that will help him get stronger.

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