Prune Autoflowering: [Importance, Time, Tools, Considerations and Steps]

The cultivation of autoflowering has become increasingly common due to the acceptance that they are having in terms of their benefits.

In general, it is a small-sized plant that is greatly helped by pruning, but with the requirement that it must be done at a specific time.

For this reason, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to this process and to help you, we have put together all this information.

So if you have decided to have a plant of this type at home, take note of what you need to apply this care correctly.

Why prune autoflowers?

Pruning autoflowering plants has a positive impact on two functions of the plant: production and development. It is for this reason that it is one of the most recommended treatments to achieve the best morphological and quality characteristics.

When is it best to prune autoflowering plants?

Planning is one of the most determining issues when working with this type of plants because they develop very quickly.

Just 3 weeks after planting, it already begins to flower and it is important not to interrupt this process with pruning.

Therefore, pruning should be done during this short growth phase to prevent energy expenditure from being oriented towards healing wounds instead of producing.

What tools should we use when pruning autoflowers?

Autoflowers have very thin stems that can be cut with the help of small scissors.This, as is recommended, will have to be previously disinfected to prevent damage to the structure.

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In addition, the use of infected tools can promote the adhesion of fungi or bacteria and, therefore, the plant becomes ill.

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What considerations should we take into account when pruning autoflowers?

After having established the time in which the pruning will be carried out, which is a transcendental issue in this species, it will be time to assess its state of health.

Autoflowering plants are very delicate plants and if they are not in optimal conditions, they will not be able to recover from pruning.

For this, it is necessary to review them daily and evaluate how their evolution is being. A healthy autoflower will grow fast and with a lot of strength in its structure.

Another transcendental point will be related to the height of the plant because if it is very small, perhaps it would not be worth doing it. Now, if it is a plant that is growing very well, with large leaves and is rather being affected by lack of light, then it is worth it.

How to prune autoflowering without damaging the plant?

To manage pruning well, it is necessary to set its objective, which is a more relevant point in this species than in any other. When it comes to a problem of lack of light in the branches that are lower because they are covered by the outer leaves, the pruning will only focus on removing some leaves.

With this action you will be promoting a space through which the rays will penetrate and those stems will grow more and better. Leaf pruning will also be necessary when the autoflowering has dry leaves.

This should be applied while the plant is growing, in the first 3 weeks. These must be removed as soon as possible because they do not contribute anything and rather disfigure the bush.

To work around the production, it is recommended to apical pruning. In addition, the plant must have a minimum of 3 existing nodes. The idea is that the main branch is cut exactly above the 3 knots.

In this way, that branch will be divided in two, forming a Y. In this Y, each branch will «compete» with its sister to become the strongest and the main one, thus motivating greater production. It is important to apply a healing cream to the cut since it is usually a determining wound, both because of its size and because it is located in the central branch.

A last type of pruning what you are looking for is that the central branch develops higher and less towards the sides. It has a function more of order than of production. Then, from the 3rd week, the lower branches of the plant are pruned and thus it will channel its energies towards the upper part.

Of course, since the weight will not be evenly distributed, it is easy for the structure of the main stem to go to one side, so a tutor must be placed to help it. In any case, autoflowering plants are not plants that require much in terms of pruning and there are specialists who do not recommend them.

But here we wanted to inform you of all the points to consider so that you are the one who decides the most convenient according to what you have.

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