Prune Lavender: [Importance, Season, Tools, Considerations and Steps]

If you were wondering how necessary it is to prune lavender, we tell you that it is essential and that it is an action that you must apply twice a year.

Lavender is an exquisite plant regarding its aroma and original due to the way in which its flowering is generated, so it is well worth having it well cared for.

The detail is that it thrives when it is in full sun, so the parts that are in the shade tend to wither. Don’t you know which is the correct way to carry out this process? Do not worry because below you will find all the details you require.

Why prune the lavender plant?

Lavender pruning is carried out mainly for aesthetic purposes since it tends to grow a lot and in a disorderly way.When a specimen is kept in an area where it does not receive abundant sunlight, it is common for wilted parts to appear that must also be removed.

Another important fact that needs to be known about this species is that over time the branches become woody.

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This condition has a negative influence on the generation of flowers, so it is necessary to apply a renovation to achieve better results.

When is it better to carry out lavender pruning?

As we mentioned above, lavender pruning is done in two annual phases: one in spring and one in summer. Although it seems excessive, there is nothing to fear because it is a vigorous plant that will recover quickly and continue to grow.

What tools should we use when pruning lavenders?

Due to the structure of lavender, pruning can be applied with small gardening shears or a utility knife.These tools must be very sharp and it is better that you pass them through alcohol before applying any cut to avoid the proliferation of diseases.

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When finished, disinfect them again. It is advisable to use gardening gloves as a protection strategy.

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What considerations should we take into account when pruning lavenders?

Lavender pruning is quite simple to apply and you can do it even if you are a beginner in this matter. You should only assess what elements are affecting the healthy development of your specimen because it is the first thing you will have to remove.

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Also check where the woody stem is that makes contact with the root and from which the green parts start to develop. This is done because that woody stem is untouchable in pruning, since cutting it could end the life of your lavender plant.

How to prune lavenders without damaging the plant?

Lavender pruning will have to be carried out in two phases: summer and spring.

summer pruning

It is the pruning that is applied after the plant has finished its flowering cycle. Depending on where you live, it may be early fall.

The idea is to remove all the stems that have already flowered because they won’t do it again and then it becomes a way to refresh the plant.

The cutting point will be above the first leaves. The leaves that remain attached to the stem are healthy so it is best not to cut them.

If the stems are very uneven in size, you can apply the cuts at a specific height to achieve the balance you want.

spring pruning

This is a maintenance pruning that seeks to prepare the plant for its next flowering. With the time that has passed since the summer pruning it is normal that it has grown and that it is a bit chaotic now, so it is worth helping it.

Since you have already removed the stems that flowered in the summer pruning, here the idea of ​​pruning is aimed at those who have not done so in order to motivate greater production.The cuts of these stems will be right at their base and the rest of those that remain will be taken to half their height.

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You have to check the overall appearance of the lavender to see if it is getting enough sunlight at the base. If you notice it is depopulated, it is possible that it is not, or that it is an old age issue, so you will have to reduce the amount of upper foliage to lighten it.

At all times pay attention to the presence of dry leaves and remove them at once, it does not matter if it does not correspond to the pruning times. The reason is that this helps the plant look its best but it also has a direct impact on the health of the specimen.

Now, make sure that the plant never runs out of leaves because then it will not be able to carry out its photosynthesis process and it will not flower.

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