Lavender Cuttings: [Concept, Time, Rooting and Planting]

What does it mean to plant by cuttings?

Planting by cutting is a type of asexual reproduction by which a portion of the stem, root or leaf is separated so that, under favorable environmental conditions, roots are formed and from there a new specimen.

The cutting or part of the plant is a stem fragment with buds of woody consistency that is used for the propagation of a new plant.

There are many types of cuttings: Herbaceous, obtained from non-woody, softwood plants, fragments of new shoots cut from woody evergreens; semi-hardwood, hardwood; foliar and root.

The cuttings can also be classified depending on whether it is an indoor plant or an outdoor plant and depending on the type to which it corresponds, the multiplication must be carried out in accordance with that division.

Fans of planting, agriculture, horticulture, etc., use the technique of planting through cuttings because it is a practice that is very simple to carry out.

What is the best time to plant lavender cuttings?

Lavender planting through cuttings is very effective and one of the most common and used techniques and it is recommended to do it during spring.

At present, and given the technological advances in the production of cuttings and their rooting process, they have made it possible to work with different types and to do so at any time of the year.

How to get lavender cuttings to root properly?

To get lavender cuttings to root properly, the first thing to do is choose an ideal climate.

Once the cuttings are cut, it is recommended to carry out a procedure with rooting hormones, before planting it.

When the cuttings have been taken for planting, they are buried in the ground, pressing the soil against the sides of the cutting.

It is recommended to leave spaces between the cuttings between them so that the light penetrates and each part can get the necessary nutrients for its rooting.

To achieve better rooting, a bag or any plastic container can be placed to create a type of greenhouse effect that allows it to generate the right climate for its development.

How should we take the lavender cuttings to plant them?

Experts in the field recommend not cutting lavender cuttings when the weather is very cold or hot.

Extreme temperatures will cause the cuttings to wilt and die. The best times to take cuttings are in early fall or early spring.

Lavender cuttings should be taken from a vigorous mother plant, preferably unflowered, with woody stems and no signs of disease.

The cuttings should be cut, with previously disinfected and appropriate tools for gardening, about 10 to 15 centimeters and remove the branches a little to leave a good part of the stem to be planted clean.

The cuttings must be cut horizontally at the bottom and diagonally at the tip, without breaking any knots or buds.Previously, a pot with a wide and large base should be prepared, of the type that best suits the orchard or garden.

How long should we leave lavender cuttings in water?

Do not leave lavender cuttings in water because they can lose their nutritional properties through dehydration.Once the lavender cuttings have been cut and the soil prepared, it will be planted directly in the pot or garden intended for multiplication.

Before planting, the cuttings should be placed in a home-type rooter, some gardeners recommend black bean, and left there for only 5 to 10 minutes.

On our page you can learn more about the reproduction by cuttings of some plants and trees:

Is it convenient to use fertilizer or compost?

The preparation of the substrate for sowing Lavender is very important.

It is recommended to use a substrate based on peat, sand, and coconut fiber with good drainage capacity to make the soil light.

It is important to moisten the substrate before planting the lavender cuttings to facilitate the planting process, which must be buried deep enough so that they do not come out and then be imprisoned on the sides.

Fertilizers should not be applied to the planting of lavender cuttings as it can burn them.

How long does it usually take for a lavender cutting to come out?

The time required for a lavender cutting to reproduce will depend on weather conditions, rooting hormones and the substrate where the plant is planted.

The cuttings will be exposed to the open air, maintaining the humidity of the substrate and it is expected that two or three months after planting they will begin to generate roots and new shoots can be observed.

Once the planted lavender cuttings have new shoots, they are transplanted individually so that they grow better and do not fight for nutrients.

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