Restaurants with gardens: Noma, Azurmendi and others

Good Agrohuerters, a few days ago we saw which are the most famous urban gardens in the world, among them some belonged to restaurants. So today we are going to meet several restaurants with orchards. We have chosen the most famous orchard restaurants.

And it is currently very much in trend for food to be as natural as possible, and above all to exercise our right to know what we are eating by avoiding artificially manipulated products. Hence, many restaurants have started this new adventure of setting up a vegetable garden in their facilities, where customers can consume totally natural foods and in most cases choose them themselves. These types of restaurants in English are known as the “Farm to table” phenomenon, which literally means “From the farm to the table”.

Famous Garden Restaurants

New restaurant Noma (Copenhagen)

The chef of this distinguished restaurant, which has won numerous cooking awards, is the Frenchman Redzepi and he has announced the closure of the Noma restaurant in 2016 to open a new one in 2017 that will have an urban garden and a farm. This will be located very close to the Noma. With this new type of restaurant, Redzepi wants to completely change its concept, remembering where we come from and showing that we can eat everything that nature offers us seasonally.

Urban garden at O’Hare airport (Chicago)

This urban garden is spectacular, not only because it is located in the middle of the Chicago airport, but also because it is vertical, and its cultivation system is hydroponic and since it does not have enough light, they have installed an artificial light system that provides it with even greater beauty.. It is very decorative and attracts many visitors. In the facilities of this garden they have containers to collect, because it supplies all the restaurants in the airport. They have, among other crops, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and herbs.

Bell, Book and Candle restaurant in New York

Urban rooftop garden at Bell, Book and Candle. Source:

It is one of the most spectacular orchard restaurants. This restaurant has an urban garden on the roof, but this is not what makes it at all special, rather the cultivation method is through aeroponics, they are pioneers in using this system. Aeroponics is a mix of what we know as hydroponics and misting. That is to say, it is a system that does not need a substrate, and that the means for feeding is water with nutrients, which in this case reaches the roots not through a stream of water, as occurs in hydroponics, but through a misting system, which creates a mist in the root zone, so that they can be nourished and maintain moisture without problems. They use everything they grow, both vegetables and aromatics, in their restaurant, especially the use of fresh aromatics in cocktails.

Garden Restaurant in Japan

In recent decades, Japan is becoming especially concerned with urban agriculture. On this occasion Roppongi Nouen, it is a restaurant that has greenhouses that can be seen from the street, it really has an impressive architecture. With this, its creator not only wants to attract customers, but also demonstrate how a new type of agriculture is possible in the city, through the evolution in the way of cultivating. Diners can admire the spectacular orchard while enjoying their lunch or dinner. They can also observe the work they do such as the harvest for the dishes they are going to taste.

Rippong Nouen Restaurant. Source:

Azurmendi Restaurant

This restaurant with an orchard is led by the great chef Eneko Atxa. His restaurant is based on sustainability with the environment. For this reason, it has an open-air garden, greenhouses, aromatic crops and vineyards. The buildings of the restaurants are very respectful with the environment, they are made of recycled materials, they are aimed at high energy savings and the maximum use of water in the area. Inside the Azurmendi restaurant, in addition to delighting our palates, we can also delight our eyes with interior gardens of great beauty. It currently has the largest seed bank in the Basque Country. They are highly committed to the United Nations 2030 Agenda. All their dishes are made with products from the garden. They have a blog where we can find both recipes and articles related to the cultivation of the vegetables they have in their garden.

Urban garden on the roof of the Azurmendi restaurant

Agrohuerters I don’t know about you, but I would like to visit all of them, not only to enjoy good gastronomy, but also to know in person how the orchard works in all of them, because each one has its particularities. Of course, these that I have spoken about are the most famous, but the cities are filling up with restaurants with gardens, which are closer to the place where we live. I will try to look for one to know it first hand; If you are also encouraged, do not hesitate to share it with all of us. Greetings and until next time!

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