Revitalizing tonic that improves defenses

There are times of the year when we need a «little help» to invigorate, reinforce and strengthen our body in times of great stress and physical and mental fatigue.

With this homemade and natural tonic we get it thanks to the combination of Nettle , which is rich in chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals, apricots (apricots or apricots) very rich in iron, they help us fight anemia and fatigue and oranges , which combat physical and mental weakness, purify the body and improve defenses.

How to make the restorative tonic

You need

  • 150 g of fresh nettle leaves (if you use dried leaves add half the amount)
  • The skin of 2 oranges (the more bitter the better)
  • 400 g of fresh apricots (if you use them dry add 250)
  • To cover we use 600 ml of red wine or a mixture combining 300 ml of water with another 300 ml of vodka


In a glass jar, first add the cut nettle leaves, add the cut apricots, then add the skin of the oranges and finally cover everything with the wine or with the water and vodka. Make sure everything is well covered.

We cover it and leave it for 2 so that the alcohol extracts all the principles of the nettle, the apricot and the orange.

After two weeks we strain and press the leaves and apricots well to get the maximum possible juice from them. Then we fill glass jars, previously sterilized, with this tonic.

To use the revitalizing tonic you only have to take two teaspoons once or twice a day when you feel tired, weak, without spirits, are under a lot of stress, in cold seasons or changes of season and with low defenses.

We will keep our tonic in the fridge or refrigerator and it will last 6 months in perfect condition.

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