Striking Flowers: [List, Examples, Characteristics and Care]

Most flowers draw attention in themselves, but there are some species that are known as showy flowers for their high visual impact.

These are structures that are out of the ordinary or that have very pronounced and/or mixed colors, being species that stand out from others.

And the best thing is that its care process is not very complex, but some common methodologies are applied to other types of flowers.

Do you want to know what the most striking flowers are and why they have been named that way?

Examples of showy flowers


A good number of showy flowers are presented with a resistant structure and adaptable to different environmental conditions.

This is the case of the neoregelia that develops on the basis of a plant with thick, pointed leaves that open as if it were a large flower.

Right in the center of that formation is where these striking flowers are born, giving the entire structure a greater amount of color with its fuchsia or purple tone.

tiger orchid

Orchids have always been one of the most beautiful and numerous flowers in the world.

But when it comes to classifying them as conspicuous flowers, there is a species known as the tiger orchid that wins all the awards in this regard.

They can be obtained as hybrid flowers due to the mixture of colors achieved in their structure.

One of the most impressive is the one that is formed with light yellow petals and a set of specks of different sizes in brown.

As if it were a tiger and offering the possibility of recreating an amazing scene in your own garden.


It is a flower that breaks the mold of any other type of flower that we have seen and that is why it has a mandatory mention within the showy flowers.

It is a structure with hard, thick and pointed petals that are generated in abundance giving a voluminous result.

This is a species that is only produced in pink and is quite rustic, but without taking away from the striking aspect that we are working on.

On some occasions, very small purple or blue flowers that contrast with the pink base can also be projected.

To thrive well , it needs warm and not very humid environments, but beyond that, they do not require much care.


The anthurium plant not only produces showy flowers, but the entire structure of the plant itself is showy.

The flower is produced from spikes, individually and with a tail shape that is not common within flowers in general.

Both the leaves and the flowers have a thick and robust structure, but with very bright colors.

It is one of the best alternatives because, if it meets the appropriate environmental conditions, it is a species that could flower all year round.

And who doesn’t like to have a garden full of color every day?


The azalea is a bush that is filled with flowers on all sides, it will always be very striking to the eye and, in fact, it is the dream of many people.

The azalea is a gift of nature to fulfill this and can be kept in a pot, so it will be quite easy to place it in the place that you like the most.

The flowers have rounded petals, numerous and distributed in circles around the center of the flower.

They are generated in very varied colors, old rose being one of the most beautiful due to the difficulty in finding flowers of this exact color.

christmas cacti

The Christmas cactus is one of the striking flowers that can be most useful to give that even more decorative touch to the holidays.

You can find species with varied flowers around colors, strolling through red, pink or white.

It is a small plant that can be kept in a pot, although it is worth keeping it near a window to receive sunlight.

And, because it’s so adaptable, it’s capable of blooming in winter and staying beautiful well into summer.


Petunia is one of the most popular flowers and one of themost recommended ornamental plants.

It blooms profusely and there is a wide variety of petunias in different colors, including black.

It likes a lot of direct sun and requires frequent watering. In summer, preferably, watering should be daily.


The Camellia arrived in Europe more than 4 centuries ago, coming from the Asian continent.

Camellias are so faithful to the display of their beauty that their stems with intense green leaves are able to bloom even when the winter period appears.


They are perennial plants native to Asia and Africa.They grow in tropical areas, so they require a lot of humidity and water.

They can measure up to 1 meter, and the variety of colors of their leaves is spectacular.

They need a lot of sunlight and can not tolerate low temperatures (below 12 degrees can be lethal).


The verbena is an ornamental plant that can also be used as an infusion and powder. They have health benefits, such as relieving headaches or promoting the absorption of food.

It is a herbaceous type plant, which grows in sandy, light and well-drained soils.

They usually form large groups of verbena plants of different species and different colors, which is very striking to the eye.


Bougainvillea is avery pretty, evergreen climbing plant. It is also fast growing.

However, the problem with it is that it tends to get very dirty.

Therefore, we recommend that you consider planting it in a place where you do not mind sweeping in winter (or do not need it).


Wisteria is a hanging and climbing shrub. It can get really big.

Slow to flower if planted from seed. If it is done by cutting, it usually does it faster.

It is a climbing plant, whose flowers hang down and give an incredible purple color to any garden.

Aquilegia Vulgaris

Aquilegia vulgaris is a small plant that produces showy flowers and is native to Spain.

Its flowering usually occurs during the spring- summer period, adorning the gardens where it is planted.

As for colors, there are many varieties. They are able to be presented in a single color or also with two-color mixtures.

Of course, it is necessary to consider that it is an inedible plant, so care must be taken in the places chosen for planting.

Of the rest, all that remains is to enjoy an ideal species for gardens, terraces or to put together compositions together with other flowers.

Abelia Floribunda

Plants in the genus Abelia can be deciduous shrubs, evergreens, or small trees, with dark green leaves and funnel- or trumpet-shaped flowers in summer and fall. They are extremely attractive to bees.

Abelia floribunda is a semi-evergreen or evergreen shrub with glossy dark leaves and contrasting clusters of bright pink, tubular flowers in early summer.

It is hardy to -10°C and can therefore withstand winters in coastal and more temperate regions of Britain, but may need protection in severe winters, or if grown further inland or in the North.

For best results, it should be planted in well-drained soil and in a sheltered location. Abelia floribunda is well suited to being grown in a large container, which can be moved indoors in the fall.


The crocus is a kind of plant that offers abundant flowering, with very striking colors. However, it is afairly small plant.

This condition leads ornamental designs within the garden to be based on several specimens gathered together, so that when they bloom they cause a great impact.

It is a plant that is worked by sowing through bulbs and that has specific development conditions, but not difficult to meet.


The opium poppy is a herbaceous plant that can grow to more than a meter in height with large flowers up to 15 cm wide. Not only do we like its characteristic red flowers, but also bees.

After World War I, poppy flowers began to grow everywhere. This is because the fields were barren as a result of the war, but then became rich with lime from the rubble, providing rich soil for the poppies to flourish.

If you grow poppies for culinary use, the opium poppy is a good choice. The seeds can be consumed and are used to add flavor, crunch and bite to breads and pastries.

Be careful, as the seeds of many other poppy species are not edible. Also, you should not consume any other parts of the poppy plant: they are poisonous.

showy flower care

The vast majority of showy flowers have a good resistance, so it is not necessary to spend a lot of time and effort in their care.

This condition of adaptability makes them thrive in very diverse conditions, although most of them do need direct sunlight for some part of the day.

This brings with it the need for a soil that is moistened frequently to give it hydration, so drainage is key.

In addition, it is usually beneficial that they contain a good amount of nutrients to allow the plant to thrive in greater quality and quantity.

The conspicuous flowers need support to combat pests, as their colors are very attractive to different types of species.

Showy Flower Characteristics

In order for a flower to be considered conspicuous, it stands to reason that it must arouse the attention of anyone who sees it.

But it is also important to know that they not only perform this function for the human eye but also for insects, so it is necessary to be careful in this regard.

Another important detail that applies to most species is that their petals tend to be thick and firm, rather than delicate and smooth.

They are ideal plants to produce hybrid flowers due to their structural conditions and the resistance that in itself characterizes them.

Meaning of showy flowers

Bold flowers convey two main meanings: beauty and authenticity.

Giving striking flowers also seeks to attract the attention of those who receive them and leave a message that we consider them a person without equal.

In addition, the meaning that you apply can be projected according to the specific type of flower that has been chosen and the color that they have.

This is due to the fact that in terms of meanings, color is what predominates to define towards which area each species is projected.

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