Tips for making a garden with palm trees

Making a garden with palm trees is a wonderful way to have a tropical-inspired green space. A way to use the characteristics of these trees to create a jungle atmosphere, even living in an urban space. Far from what is often believed, palm trees are not only for beach locations or good-sized gardens. In fact, it is possible to enjoy its exotic beauty in almost any climate and even if we have limited space. But achieving it, both in terms of temperature and square meters, requires having some fundamental tips clear.

Apart from aesthetics, one of the usual reasons for making a garden with palm trees is their low cultivation requirement. Not only do they not require a particularly rich soil but, in addition, and with few exceptions, they are extremely resistant to drought. A detail to firmly consider if we plan to have a sustainable, low-maintenance garden or if we simply want to enjoy our exterior without spending too much time on it.

Whatever the reason, let’s see some essential aspects that we must consider to have palm trees in our garden. Some that should be thoroughly known so that they play in favor of the space and its enjoyment.


Choosing to make a garden with palm trees allows us to have an extremely elegant space. However, and beyond knowing the care of palm trees, it is essential to be clear about some aspects. Although having these tropical trees is not demanding in their maintenance, for our space to be harmonious and evolve smoothly, some crucial aspects must be taken into account. And not only because our palm trees grow normally: also so that there is a balance in our garden as a whole.

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Let’s see, in detail, what we mean.

1. Plan the design of your garden, the starting point

It is important to consider that making a garden with palm trees determines both the appearance and the distribution of the space. We must not only take into account the imposing verticality that characterizes these trees. Nor can we forget that, in most species, both the development of its crown and the growth of its trunk are also significant. A detail that we have to know before planting them to be able to articulate everything that is around them. And in that all we have to think about something fundamental: the passageways. Placing palm trees near a gazebo, sidewalk, or any other pathway can cause the space to not flow properly.

For this reason and before starting to plant, it is essential to carry out a planning exercise. Thanks to him and using the advice of landscaping for gardens, we can get a real idea of ​​​​what is the best distribution.

2. Take into account the space you have

When we have a good-sized garden, placing our palm trees in the ideal place is much easier. We can locate them both online and escorting certain areas, such as a swimming pool; but, also, they can be ideal candidates if we consider how to make a rockery in the garden or we want to create a focus of attention in a certain area.

And in small gardens?

As we said before, enjoying palm trees is not only restricted to good-sized gardens. In the same way that we can choose trees for small gardens, we can do the same with them. Having them in small spaces only happens by contemplating some details.

Due to its growth, up to three meters, the Cordyline red star is a perfect option for small and medium-sized gardens.

On the one hand, it is essential to choose low or medium-growing species that are suitable for the square meters that we can allocate for them. As important as this is not to abuse the number that we propose so as not to overload. And finally, one more aspect: your situation. If we have a few square meters, it is advisable to place them towards the back of the garden.

What if! It can also be a fantastic idea to plant them in large pots. Its growth will not be as spectacular but its ornamental value will be the same.

3. Choose the species according to your climate, key to their survival

A point where we can take a big surprise. And it is logical if we take into account that under the term palm trees we can find more than 3,000 species.

A priori, we usually think that they are plants that can only be enjoyed in warm places. However, many of them have the incredible ability to withstand even severe frost. A good reason to investigate among the types of resistant palm trees to decorate the garden.

4. Prepare the soil thoroughly and nurture it, essential when making a garden with palm trees

Having seen the purely practical aspects, it is time to delve deeply into something essential to make a garden with palm trees: the place where they are planted. The fact that they are undemanding plants is not synonymous with the fact that they do not have certain needs and, without a doubt, the soil in which they settle is one of them.

To begin with, we must ensure that it has good drainage: a fundamental aspect for its survival, since its roots are not friends with waterlogging. It is also essential that the ground is free of stones or any other element that prevents them from growing under the surface. And, beyond this, fundamental: to plant palm trees successfully, it is convenient that they have a soil rich in organic matter.

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Taking all this into account, it is convenient to know the steps to follow to plant palm trees. The ideal is to dig a hole a little deeper than the root ball of the plant to be able to check the soil and, also, aerate it if it is compacted. Then it must be filled with new substrate mixed with perlite, to leave a well slightly larger than the size of our pot. With our palm tree planted slightly below the rest of the land, it is convenient to apply a five-centimeter layer of earthworm humus or guano. Drip irrigation, recommended for this type of plants, or rain will favor the assimilation of nutrients.

5. Decorate the rest of the space in the same line

And we come to the last step and probably the most fun of all! As we said before, the appearance of the palm trees largely determines that of the garden. And to finish creating that look with tropical tints that we are looking for, there is nothing like combining them with low or medium-sized plants, stones or rockeries. A way to round off the atmosphere and, above all, enjoy that exotic inspiration so characteristic of palm trees.

Do you dare to make your garden a small tropical bubble?

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