Rosebush Cuttings in Potato: [Concept, Season, Rooting and Planting]

What does it mean to plant by cuttings?

Propagation by cutting is a technique that consists of extracting a piece, a cutting or a part of a mother plant to reproduce it in the right conditions.

The cutting is a living part of the mother plant and has all the necessary characteristics and nutrients to root and propagate.

For its plantation, the cutting must be a fragment that contains buds and a good consistency in such a way that it can pass all its nutrients to the new plant.

There are many types of cuttings: Herbaceous, softwood, fragments of new shoots cut from woody evergreens; semi-hardwood, hardwood; foliar and root.It can be said that multiplication by cuttings is very useful for those plants that produce few seeds.

What is the best time to plant rose cuttings in potatoes?

Currently and thanks to modern planting techniques, potato rose cuttings can be planted at any time of the year, however the best period is in spring.

For their part, some horticulturists consider that the best period to carry out this potato rose multiplication system is when the weather is cool.

How to get potato rose cuttings to root correctly?

Using the potato rose propagation method is very effective in helping rooting as they will give you the necessary moisture they require to develop healthy roots.

Some specialists recommend placing a little rooting agent at the tip of the cutting, that is, the side that is going to be planted, shaking off the excess and planting directly on the potato.

Within the group of stimulating substances for the rooting of rose bushes are auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins, ethylene and abscisic acid.

You can also use a natural rooting powder for cuttings based on free amino acids and organic nitrogen, spreading them generously.To ensure that rose cuttings root correctly, environmental conditions, temperature, humidity and sun exposure must be taken into consideration.

Rose cuttings need good lighting, although never direct exposure to the sun, high and constant temperatures could be between 15-20 ˚C and high air humidity.

How should we take the potato rose bush cuttings to plant them?

Rose cuttings can be taken from the plant wearing gloves to protect yourself from the thorns that its branches contain.It is recommended to take a cutting from a healthy mother plant that is no more than a year old.

The length of the selected cutting should be between 20 and 25 centimeters and its thickness between 0.6 to 10 millimeters in diameter or large enough to contain more than 4 or five buds.

The lower part of the cutting should be cut horizontally and the upper part beveled.Then the leaves of the buds of the cutting will be cut until only the stem is left to avoid excessive perspiration and to facilitate the grip of the cutting.

When making the cut, the use of scissors and implements that are clean and disinfected is recommended so as not to cause damage to the plant or the cutting.

How long should we leave potato rose cuttings in water?

Once the cutting is prepared, it is not recommended to place it in water, but to do it once in the potato to prevent it from losing its components due to the dehydration of the cutting point and the foliage.

Specialists and flower growers recommend that if the rose cutting is not going to be used immediately, the cutting is placed in a plastic bag.

Is it convenient to use fertilizer or compost?

For the sowing of the potato rosebush, it is recommended to use a good soil as a base with a bed of sterilized vermiculite or agrolite and leave it very well watered and loose.

The technique of planting the rose cutting in a potato suggests the use of a large, healthy and very clean potato.

With the tip of the scissors or a pointed element, a sufficiently large hole must be made in the potato to stick the rose cutting there.Subsequently, a generous hole must be opened in the ground to locate and plant the cutting and sink it until it covers the potato well.

It is recommended to create a greenhouse effect by placing a clean plastic bottle on the base of the cutting.Place the pot in a warm place but away from direct sunlight and then, every day, take out the plastic bottle so that the rose cutting can breathe.

The substrate of the cutting must be kept moist at all times so that the roots can come out strong and healthy.

How long does it usually take for a potato rose cutting to come out?

It is necessary to constantly observe the development of the plant and in about two or three months you will be able to see some buds on the rosebush.

To verify that the roots have already developed, a slight tug on the cutting can be made and if it offers resistance, it means that the roots have already taken root.

At that time, you can remove the bottle and relocate the pot to a slightly sunnier place, where the cutting receives direct sunlight, keep it moist and let it grow and then transplant to its final place.

Some research and academic studies indicate that the multiplication of the rose through cuttings can take up to 3 years to fully root in the garden.

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