Zucchini Varieties: [Characteristics and Classification]

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Zucchini is one of the most appreciated fruits of the garden. A single plant can give you many quality fruits, and also quickly.

In this article we show you the different types and varieties of zucchini, so you can choose the ones that are best for you to plant in your orchard and/or garden

Characteristics of zucchini

Zucchini is a vegetable of great variety and colours; it is very versatile. It provides nutrients and few calories. It is characterized by being a creeping plant with a bushy appearance.

It has an uncertain origin, since it is not exactly specified if it comes from South Asia or originated in Central America. Its cultivation has spread throughout the temperate zones of the planet.

It belongs to the Cucurbitaceae species and has cylindrical fruits, medium size, compact pulp, thin skin and few seeds. The color is focused exclusively on his skin and can be green, black (actually very dark green), gray, white, or yellow.

Some varieties combine some of these colors within their ranges. Worldwide, a large number of zucchini varieties can be found on the vegetable market.

Best known zucchini varieties

When it comes to establishing a classification of its varieties, there are various criteria that can be used: shape, color, earliness. In addition, market demand is also taken into consideration.

mini courgettes

They tend to differ in a very subtle way in flavor with respect to the other varieties. Its harvest must be done very early in order to take full advantage of the benefits offered by this product.

It is usually eaten raw, especially as an accompaniment to salads of all kinds. Apart from the flavour, its small size is the only thing that differentiates it from the rest of the courgette species.

dark green zucchini

This section includes both Sofia and Samara sub-varieties, which have an elongated appearance, typical of Mediterranean courgettes.

Sofia courgettes are much darker in color than Samara courgettes, which are a brighter shade of green.

Both types have a firm texture and a more characteristic aroma than, for example, mini courgettes. When it comes to cooking them, they are more versatile and optimal for battering.

light green zucchini

As in the darker courgettes, here two different sub-varieties of courgettes have been included that differ from the rest exclusively by color.

The Grisons are light in color with grayish polka dots or dots, and the Clarita have a characteristic much whiter hue.

yellow courgettes

This colorful variety is often less well known than the green ones. It has a texture that, instead of being rigid, is rather soft.

Thanks to its sweet taste, it is preferred when making homemade zucchini soup or cream.

round courgettes

Their rounded shape makes them visually more striking and makes them a perfect ally in the kitchen.

Fillings can be prepared with meat or with any other type of ingredient that is provided.

Other types of zucchini on the market

There are also other varieties of zucchini on the market, among which are:

Blanquette F1

Compact plant, medium size. The fruit is light green almost white.

Lucia F1

Plant of vigor, ideal for greenhouse. The fruit is slightly convex, without edges.

Diamond F1

Compact, open, erect plant. The fruit is green mottled with light green.


Plant of medium vigor and rounded habit. The fruit is medium green and variegated.

CZI-10258 F1

Strong plant, good production. The fruit is cylindrical, slightly bulbous, medium in color, without edges and slightly marbled.

black beauty

Compact plant, open and dense. It is capable of producing up to 30 dark green courgettes.


Compact plant that germinates in warm soil. The fruit is dark green with yellow stripes on the sides.

thornless beauty

This type of zucchini germinates in warm soil. The fruit is large, green in color and great flavor.

Golden fever

Early zucchini variety. Compact plant, warm soil. The fruit is bright yellow.


Vigorous zucchini plant. The fruit is dark green and shiny, with sharp edges.


Productive plant without branches. The fruit is fine, green in color.


Easy to grow zucchini variety. The fruit is grayish-white or green, in different shapes.


Early plant. The fruit is cylindrical in shape, light green in color mottled with white.


Open plant with a long production period. The fruit is dark green and shiny.

sicilian white

Compact and productive courgette type. The fruit is white and cylindrical in shape.

Prolific F1

Vigorous, open, compact plant. The fruit is bright dark green.

Essence F1

It is a type of courgette whose plant is vigorous and open. The fruit is long, cylindrical, dark in color, variegated.

Compact matte green

Compact plant, with reduced foliage. The fruit is green with grayish tones.


This courgette has a very vigorous plant. The fruit is dark green with a good shine.

nice round

Plant of moderate size. The fruit is round, light green with dark veins.

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