Particular flowers

The beauty of the night: particular flower names and particular flower bouquets

Among the most spectacular plants known to the most experts in the sector, the Mirabilis jalapa, better known among the names of particular flowers, must undoubtedly be counted.with the name of ‘Bella di notte’. It is a perennial tuberous plant, originating from South America and imported to Europe in the late nineteenth century. What makes it special is a curious feature concerning the opening: its flowers show their beauty only after sunset and it is for this reason that Mirabilis jalapa is also identified with the aforementioned term, precisely for beauty and originality. shown only at night or in any case at dusk. The flowers have no corolla and are composed of a single calyx, with a trumpet opening. Another peculiarity of this specimen is the multiplicity of colors in which it is widespread in nature.


If you are looking for
particular flower namesand showy especially during their flowering and therefore in the spring months, something that you simply have to plant and then let it grow spontaneously without having to reserve too much care for it, you can choose a Gazania. These specimens of particular bouquets of flowers, with bright and intense colors, are particularly appreciated by the most skilled green thumbs, but also by those who do not make gardening their passion; we are in fact in the presence of flowers that do not require great care and can be watered even once a week during the hottest months. As for the installation of Gazania in your garden, you can choose to plant seeds directly in the ground or inside a container when the freezing cold of winter is behind us.


Aquilegia belongs to the family scientifically known as Ranunculaceae and contains about seventy species present in most of the temperate and subarctic zones of the northern hemisphere. It is a genus characterized by a high rate of adaptation, consisting of species and varieties suitable for a wide range of natural habitats, including woodlands, rocks, and perennial borders. To make the columbine particular are the elongated flowers, which would also suggest a certain similarity between the structure of the flower itself and that of the eagle (hence the term aquilegia). The flowers rich in columbine nectar are very sweet, as well as edible and used at the same time for medical purposes in the field of herbal medicine and natural medicines.

Particular flowers: The Callistemons

The Callistemon genus, in turn belonging to the broader family of Myrtaceae, includes within it a high number of evergreen plants, all falling into the category of particular and singular bouquets of flowers, whether they are shrubs or trees in the true sense of the word. Coming from rather remote areas of the hemisphere, such as Australia and New Caledonia, Callistemons are widely cultivated to adorn gardens and lawns. Its leaves are lanceolate and are of a very intense green color, which creates a real contrast with the bright red of the flowers of which the plant is composed. The latter, located on the ends of the branches, come together to form a sort of elongated brush (it is for this reason that the plant is also defined with this name).

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