Peach blossom meaning

The origins of the peach blossom

There is no shortage of news about this flower, because many have taken care of writing about its origins and its diffusion.Surely one of the most famous legends is that of the fisherman. This legend has it that this flower was born from a fisherman who, returning from a day at sea, hauled a large fish ashore. In the belly of this animal he found a strange hazel, so, intrigued, he decided to plant it. After a few months, the fisherman found a sapling there. She took care of it with commitment until the arrival of Spring, when small pink buds blossomed on the branches, still completely devoid of leaves. In honor of this fisherman, the plant was called peach. In fact, the peach tree owes its name to the ancient Persians. In fact, its original name is pomo persico (or Persian apple), so by abbreviating it gets persica, literally the fruit of the Persians, and which today has become a peach. Although it was the Persians who took the credit for having discovered it, it is well known that the origins ofpeach blossom are linked to western China. In Italy it arrived around the 1st century AD, when thanks to Alexander the Great the peaches reached the Roman borders.

As for the peach tree, there are different types of plants that can be grown. The most famous is certainly the one commonly known as peach blossom. This plant has been very successful because it doesn’t need a lot of space. It is a plant that does not require special attention. Like all plants, peach blossom also needs long exposure to the sun. It is able to take root in any circumstance, but prefers a temperate climate. During the flowering period, flowers of different shades of pink bloom on the plant, from a soft, almost white color to a bright pink. The flowers completely cover the branches making the plant very rich and bright. The best time to plant peach blossom is autumn which favors the appearance of flowers. For the plant to last as long as possible it is good to irrigate it frequently and with plenty of water during the flowering period, it is important to use specific fertilizers for the soil, rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. In the autumn period the flowers tend to wither. In this period it is useful to always prune the plant to strengthen the branches and to promote growth in the following seasons.

The meaning of the peach blossom around the world

The peach blossom has different meanings in different countries, and it has certainly developed in other fields over the years. In China, for example, it has always been considered the symbol of immortality. In Egypt, on the other hand, it is associated with silence; in this country this plant was considered sacred, a symbol of silence, and of childhood (for this reason children’s cheeks are often compared to peach fruits). In western countries it is placed side by side with spring, therefore it is considered a symbol of rebirth, and of the resumption of vegetative activities after the winter period.The peach blossom is part of a category called: pink flowers. These flowers are characterized by color and appearance. With peach blossoms, the messages that can be expressed are of deep admiration, so much gratitude, or feelings of immense and immortal love can be expressed. Another field in which ipeach blossoms have taken on a meaning is that of dreams. Dreaming of the peach blossom is a sign of serenity and tranquility. Dreaming of this flower is a wish for a life full of joy and happiness, a beautiful and prosperous life, full of affection and love.

Peach Blossom Meaning: The meaning of the peach blossom in modern society

In modern society the peach blossom has managed to keep its meaning almost unchanged and has remained one of the most famous and most used symbols. Obviously with the passing of the years, fashions change, and today one of the most popular methods to use flowers is to have them tattooed on the body. In this category, the peach blossom has become one of the most famous. With a simple and refined style, a very soft color that is very close to the complexion of our skin, getting a peach blossom tattoo is a choice that ensures refinement and good taste. As for the meaning of this tattoo, it is obviously inspired by the meaning attached to the flower. In fact it is linked to spring flowering, to the harvest of what has been sown, to beauty and rebirth. Also, choose a branch as a tattoopeach blossom is equivalent to drawing harmony, affection and the strong bond of the family. In fact, the buds still to open represent the youngest members of the family; the fresh, open and colorful flowers represent adults; while the larger and stronger colored flowers represent the elderly people of the family unit.

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