Information about Nadia Eggplants – Taking care of Nadia Eggplants in the garden

If you are looking for a variety of eggplant to grow in your garden or a pot on your terrace, think of Nadia. This is a traditional Italian black teardrop-shaped type. The fruit has a shiny skin and is usually spotless. They are prolific and long-time growers, and an excellent choice for those who want to get a lot of eggplant from their efforts. To learn more about Nadia eggplants, read on.

What’s an eggplant Nadia?

Nadia is an Italian eggplant that looks like a smaller type of the large American purple eggplant. Italian eggplants, like Nadia, have finer flesh and a finer skin, which can be cooked along with the flesh of the fruit. In some markets, the size of the eggplant determines its name, but there are different types with real, but sometimes slight, differences.

Growing Nadia Eggplants

Growing Nadia eggplants is an excellent option for those who have many recipes to try or want to freeze the fruit. Ready in about 67 days from planting, each eggplant will produce several fruits. You can limit the number and increase its size by pinching the growing points in certain areas of the vine, according to the information on Nadia eggplants.

The eggplant, a heat-loving plant, needs growing conditions similar to those of tomatoes and peppers. Full sun, planted in rich, well-drained soil, is exactly what the growing vine needs. Provide support when planting seedlings so as not to disturb the root system and fruit growth. A cage may be more suitable for this prolific grower. Keep the soil moist.

Plant Nadia when the floor has been heated in USDA zone 5 and above. Those with a shorter growing season, or who wish to stagger their crops, can begin planting indoors up to two months before the soil is warm enough to plant. Nadia has an extended harvest period and is a good choice for shorter season gardens. This type continues to produce as temperatures cool down.

Nadia and other eggplants are perennial plants that can produce for more than a year if protected from frost. Learn how to grow and care for Nadia’s eggplants. Nadia will prepare you to grow other types of eggplants.

Harvest the aubergines by cutting them instead of trying to tear them off. Boil the eggplants before freezing or freeze them when cooked. Eggplants are often breaded and fried for use in casseroles, such as eggplant parmigiana. It can also be seasoned and grilled.

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