Variety of Sanguine Ameliore lettuce – Culture of Sanguine Ameliore lettuce

Sanguine Ameliore Butter Lettuce is one of the many varieties of sweet and tender butter lettuce. Like Bibb and Boston, this variety is delicate, with a soft leaf and a sweet rather than bitter taste. Learn more about this unique and colourful lettuce and how to grow it in your garden this fall.

Information about Ameliore Sanguine Lettuce

Butterhead lettuces are known for their tender, sweet leaves, bright green colors and soft-ball sized heads. What makes the Sanguine Ameliore variety different and special is the dark red speckling of the bright green leaves.

Sanguine Ameliore is a rather rare variety of lettuce, but you can find seeds online. It is native to France and was introduced to the United States in the early 1900s. The word sanguin means blood and refers to the red blood spots on the leaves. For those who grow lettuce, Sanguine Ameliore is a great variety to choose both for its use in cooking and for the visual interest it brings to vegetable gardens.

Cultivate Ameliore Blood Lettuce

With some basic information from Sanguine Ameliore, you can start growing and harvesting this tasty salad. Grow and care for this type of lettuce as you would for other varieties. In cool weather, you can start the lettuce in early spring or between late summer and early fall for two crops.

Sow your Sanguine Ameliore seeds at a distance of 2.5 cm. If you start outdoors, thin out the seedlings until they are only 10 cm (25 cm) apart, and if you start indoors, transplant the seedlings outdoors with the same spacing. The heads will be about 8 cm (20 cm) wide.

Continue to water your lettuce regularly, but make sure the soil drains well and is not saturated with water. Sanguine Ameliore takes 60 days to mature. Before that, you can start harvesting individual leaves, enjoying the small lettuces. You can also wait until they are ripe and harvest the whole head at once.

Use this lettuce like any other, but like most butter lettuces, it’s best to eat them fresh from the garden. You can enjoy the leaves in salads, but they’re also great for cut salad recipes because the leaves are large enough to hold a garnish. Sanguine Ameliore is a lettuce that is easy to grow and worth the effort to enjoy its tasty leaves.

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