black flowers

Flowers are usually one of the best options to give a little life to different spaces, especially gardens and terraces.

However, few can give such a sophisticated touch as black flowers, which are often striking and enigmatic.

These flowers have the peculiarity of being black, although in reality many of them are purple or very dark red.

However, their structure and brightness make them capable of looking that way.

Do you want to know the most interesting black flowers that can fit in your garden? Well here we show you some of the most famous

Tulip “Queen of Night”

A variety considered «the queen of the night» thanks to its dark hue. It is thought that it was created in Turkey.

Due to its color, this type of tulip can be incorporated together with other tulips of different colors, highlighting and raising the beauty of the whole.

On the other hand, it is low maintenance, making it ideal for beginning gardeners.

Its growth can be up to 36 cm and its flowering takes place during the spring.

Hellebore Onyx Odyssey

Also known as the Christmas Rose, this variety of flower usually has intense and very dark black, red and purple tones.

One feature that makes them really special is that they can keep their color for a long time, always being pretty.

In addition to their long duration, these flowers can be double, having a sophisticated and elegant appearance.

Likewise, they do not require much maintenance, making them very easy to care for and they usually bloom during the spring.

Viola “Molly Sanderson”

Viola are black flowers known for having a colorful yellow and purple center, which makes them stand out and pleasing to the eye.

Likewise, they are ideal to be planted properly on solid ground or in pots, allowing them to be placed wherever desired.

Aeonium arboreum

The aeonium arboreum may be the most impressive black flower that can be found, since it has the characteristic of changing color.

For this to be so, a variety in environmental conditions is necessary.

Actually, this flower requires at least half a day of sun to turn deep black.

Otherwise, if kept in a lot of shade, the flower will maintain reddish and purple hues with a green center.

It tends to do well in nutrient-poor soils and tolerates drought well.

Primrose “Victorian Silver Lace Black”

This flower features black petals with white edges and a yellow center, making it look elegant and beautiful to look at.

In general, it prefers to stay in partial shade, favoring its development.

Heuchera “Obsidian”

Also known by names such as Coral Flower, Coral Bells or Coralillo, this flower is exquisite and very elegant.

Its main characteristic is that they have long stems and charming foliage that can flatter the appearance of any garden.

In addition to this, they are ideal flowers to attract hummingbirds, and it is advisable to keep them in partial shade.

black rose

Although these roses are not usually seen in the world, they are totally real and are kept only in one place in the world.

Turkey is the country par excellence when it comes to the production of black roses, with three varieties.

Black Baccara with alternate leaves, rough and petiolate, maintain an intense color that depends on lighting to be determined.

Mignight Blue is a hybrid shrub, with very dark velvety petals. At the right temperature they can last most of the year.

And the Black Pearl being a pink that is not fragrant, but very pretty. Noted for its double flowers.

To know more: types and varieties of roses.

This spectacular flower has been bred specifically for cut flower production, a wonderful addition to cut flower gardens.

‘Black Barlow’ is the first cultivar in the Barlow series to have double flowers without spurs. These double flowers are deep plum, almost black, and resemble pom-poms with their spike-shaped petals.

These striking black flowers sit on long stems, towering above the bushy, grey-green foliage. They tend to grow in clumps, creating a real dark show, perfect for a unique home garden border.

‘Black Barlow’ flowers bloom from late spring to early summer and are usually short-lived.

However, their self-seeding nature allows them to grow profusely, given the right conditions. ‘Black Barlow’ is an easy-care plant that thrives in most conditions.

Iris «Before the Storm»

scottslm / Pixabay

Bearded lilies are some of the most popular flowering perennials, to the point that they have become a garden staple. Lilies come in a myriad of colors, including dark, almost black shades.

The «before the storm» iris is considered the darkest iris in existence, with its deep purple flowers.

Like any iris, the ‘before the storm’ brings elegance to any space. These stunning flowers float above striking sword-shaped silver-green foliage.

Each stem can produce about a dozen flowers that bloom throughout the spring and early summer. These flowers also have a deliciously sweet fragrance.

‘Before the Storm’ is best planted alone in pots or along borders.

Sharp foliage paired with softer-edged blooms also add interesting texture to modern and traditional landscapes alike.

pink baccara

pixel2013 / Pixabay

The rose ‘Black Baccara’ is a hybrid tea rose with dark maroon petals that appear black. It was developed in 2005 and is considered the darkest rose on the market.

Other black roses, like the equally beautiful «Black Magic» rose, don’t come close to the dark hue of Baccara. The rose is a very complete flower, with many red and black petals like velvet. The drama of the bush is only increased by its glossy, dark green foliage.

The rose bush ‘Black Baccara’ has a long flowering season, blooming in buds between spring and autumn.

It is hardy, tolerating most climates and conditions. This dramatic rose bush also prefers spotlights, needing to be planted in full sun.

‘Black Baccara’ may be a moody addition to your garden, but it brings a touch of life to spaces by attracting butterflies and other pollinators.

The black bat flower

Efraimstochter / Pixabay

The black bat flower gets its name from its flamboyant appearance, which looks like a bat in flight.

This rare plant has frilly, deep purple flowers with long, pendent filaments.

Adding to its bat character are its pods, which look like little bat faces. These unique flowers are offset by large, bright green leaves.

The Tacca chantrieri is a very demanding plant that needs care and attention. They grow best in USDA zones 9 – 11, and prefer hot, humid tropical climates.

The Black Bat Flower does not tolerate cold climates at all, and often dies if temperatures drop below 20ºC.

Unlike other black flowers, it prefers dappled shade over full sun.

This exotic flower may need a little extra TLC, but the extra work is well worth the moody, dark display of its unique blooms.

Dahlia ‘Karma Choc’

Tingeling / Pixabay

The ‘Karma Choc’ dahlia is often considered the darkest dahlia available.

Its flowers are a mass of deep red velvet petals that fade to an almost black center, creating a unique ombre effect.

These dark flowers rise above the plant’s foliage, which is a dark burgundy, tinged with blue.

This dark beauty belongs to the Karma collection, which was specifically bred for long-lasting cut flowers.

These dark flowers have an amazing vase life of nearly two weeks, making them perfect for cut flower gardeners.

‘Karma Choc’ may have been bred for vases, but her impressive display of flowers makes her a sight to behold in the garden as well.

They add a hint of darkness to beds and pots and are standouts in color-changing garden designs.

Hyacinth ‘Dark Dimension’

neelam279 / Pixabay

If you like hyacinths and dark, almost black flowers, the ‘Dark Dimension’ hyacinth is perfect for your garden.

‘Dark Dimension’ has purple-blue star-shaped flowers that are as dark as night. These dark flowers are densely packed, adding to their mysterious allure.

From each of this hyacinth’s thick stems sprout 10-20 buds, creating an otherworldly dark flower show.

These flowers grow among deep green foliage that adds an angular texture to this soft plant.

‘Dark Dimension’ grows best in USDA zones 4 – 8 and can survive frost-filled winters with temperatures this low.

This dark hyacinth is a great addition to spring gardens full of brightly colored flowers.

Its dark bloom makes lighter flowers stand out, adding depth to your landscape. ‘Dark Dimension’ hyacinth also has a lovely fragrance that attracts bees and other pollinators.

Calla Lilly ‘Black Star’

D1creations / Pixabay

Calla lilies are unique, with trumpet-shaped flowers that stand out no matter where they are planted. Calla Lilly ‘Black Star’ creates a darker environment than other varieties and cultivars.

‘Black Star’ flowers are a deep burgundy, almost black, and grow on matching dark stems. These tubular flowers are highlighted by bright green, speckled foliage.

‘Black Star’ not only adds some drama to your garden, but its graceful blooms also add a touch of modern elegance.

It is very well planted in beds among other brighter flowers or alone. It also flourishes along flower beds or in container gardens.

‘Black Star’ adds drama to gardens between late spring and summer.

Petunia ‘Black Velvet’

RichardMc / Pixabay

‘ Black Velvet’ petunias are among the darkest blooms available. Developed in 2010, it was the first black petunia on the market.

‘Black Velvet’ flowers are not only the closest thing to true black, they also have a unique trumpet shape. This trumpet attracts butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden. The dark petals have a velvety feel, hence the name, and are offset by light green foliage.

These almost black flowers can create a modern, minimalist look if planted in masses. However, they make the same impact when planted in colorful flower beds.

‘Black Velvet’ petunias bloom throughout the spring, summer and fall. They thrive in USDA zones 9 – 11 and are usually easy to care for. Black petunias are not hardy flowers and need some extra protection from cold, heavy rain and wind.

Hollyhock ‘Nigra’

Kathas_Photos / Pixabay

A common flower in gardens is the hollyhock, which often makes bold statements with its bright blooms and tall height. Black hollyhocks are an even bolder choice, especially the ‘Nigra’ cultivar.

The flowers of ‘Nigra’ are waxy and deep purple-black. Its darkness is tempered by the light, creamy centers of the flowers.

The hollyhock ‘Nigra’ has brought a dramatic mystique to gardens since the 17th century, often being used as a backdrop. It is hardy in USDA zones 3 – 9 and blooms in mid to late summer.

Mature hollyhocks can reach 1.5 to 2.5 meters in height, making them the perfect fence lining. The darkness of ‘Nigra’ is the perfect hollyhock cultivar for those who want a touch of black but a classic look.

Viola ‘Blackout’

Hans / Pixabay

Violas are a classic addition to gardens, and are best suited to window boxes and country-style gardens.

‘Blackout’ violas give a classic touch with velvety black flowers. The depth of these black flowers is accentuated by the yellow eye and bright green foliage.

These black violas are popular not only for their looks, but also for their sweet fragrance and playful character.

They flourish in most conditions. Although ‘Blackout’ violas can grow in full sun, they prefer some shade in warmer climates.

They are also vulnerable to frost and need some protection in winter.

These graceful blooms are ideal for ground covers, but are also a unique addition to rock gardens and window boxes.

black flower care

Certainly, flowers are precious elements to add to home gardens. However, care must be taken with them.

One of the points with which you should be more careful is sun exposure. Some species require more sunlight than others.

For this reason, it is important to be careful with the specimen chosen and make the correct decision regarding its location.

The type of soil must also be taken care of, being able to get some options of black flowers resistant to poor soils.

Regarding humidity, the flowers are very sensitive, so an appropriate irrigation pattern must be followed with each species. Generally we recommend drip irrigation.

To maintain its color it is recommended to use the sun, water and the necessary nutrients in favor. Compost or worm castings are usually good options.

Characteristics of black flowers

Did you know…?Keep in mind that flowers, in general, have bright colors because their main function is to attract insects and thus make the pollination process easier.

Therefore, black flowers are actually a small anomaly of nature.

The main characteristic that can be highlighted about black flowers is that they are not really black in its entirety. In reality, most black flowers have a very dark purple or red hue, making them look black to the human eye.

This is something that very few people can recognize naturally, so it can lead to some confusion.

In addition, black flowers are usually very elegant and highlight other colored flowers. This characteristic allows them to look good in all types of gardens or greenhouses where other plants are kept.

Meaning that this type of flowers has

Among the meanings of the color black are elegance, power and strength. However, when talking about flowers, black flowers can mean sadness, separation, distance and night.

Due to this meaning, black flowers are not as popular, although they are often quite beautiful, especially in gardens during the spring.

Black flowers are the great misunderstood of nature, many of them created in hybrid form. However, they acquire an important value for those who want to give a personal and unique touch to their homes and gardens.

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